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Automate posting

What is a webhook?

Content automation, integration platforms, API connections

Can I make test (manual) posts?

Run posting campaign manually, test runs, test posts

How to use RSS Ground with Pabbly Connect

Automated content sharing and content collection with Pabbly Connect

Integration Platforms Poster User Guide

Automated posting with IFTTT, Zapier, Pabbly

How to connect RSS Ground to Zapier

Automated content sharing and content collection with Zapier integration

Wordpress Poster: Posting failed with error -32300

Wordpress validation error

How to create X (Twitter) developer app

Custom X (Twitter) app for automated posting

What is a posting campaign?

Autoposting, autosharing, autopublishing

How to start sharing content to blogs and social media?

Creating an automated posting capaign

How to set up a posting campaign the best way?

Automated content sharing, efficient content automation

Posting campaign automation settings

Automated content posting, automated posting campaigns

How to manage posting campaigns

Automated posting, Autopilot posting, posting automation

How many feeds should I have in my posting campaign?

Effective posting campaigns, automated content sharing, content feeds autopost

Can I add content feeds to a running (existing) posting campaign or content widget?

Manage posting campaigns, manage content feeds

Why my posting campaign fails to post (not making new posts)?

Effective posting, managing posting campaigns, automate content posting

Can I change a user profile in Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn poster?

Edit user profile, edit posting campaign, social media posting

Facebook Poster User Guide

Automated posting to Facebook pages and groups

I don't see my Facebook pages in the posting campaign

Autoposts to Facebook pages

Facebook poster: Posting failed with error 368: It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast.

Error posting to Facebook

Incorrect or no photo at all in my Facebook posts

Media content posts to Facebook

X (Twitter) Poster User Guide

Automated content posting to Twitter / X

Can I add hashtags to my Twitter posts?

Custom posts to Twitter

How does posting mask option work in Twitter poster?

Automated tweets from content feeds

Instagram Poster User Guide

Automated content posts to Instagram accounts

How many posts are allowed in the Instagram Poster?

Automated posts to Instagram limits

How many images are allowed in one Instagram post?

Image posts to Instagram

Can I post video to Instagram?

Video content to Instagram

What are the requirements for the images posted to Instagram (ratio, type, quantity)?

Quality media content to Instagram

LinkedIn Poster User Guide

Automated content posts to LinkedIn company pages

Telegram Poster User Guide

Automated posts to Telegram channels and groups

How to create a Telegram bot and get token to make posts to Telegram channels and groups.

Autoposting to Telegram channel and groups, Telegram postinr bot, Telegram token

How to create a new Telegram channel or group

Posting automation to Telegram channel and groups

How to add Telegram channel/group to a posting campaign

Set up autopilot posts to Telegram channels and groups

IFTTT Poster User Guide

Automated posting through IFTTT integrations

How to sign up for IFTTT

IFTTT automation services

How to set up an IFTTT applet (trigger or action)

IFTTT autoposting and content collection with applets

Can I create several applets, zaps, workflows using the same RSS Ground posting campaign?

IFTTT, Zapier, Pabbly Connect automated posting integrations

How to authenticate at an automation platform if I use a social login in RSS Ground?

Automated content sharing and content research automation platforms platform

Wordpress Poster User Guide

Automated posts to Wordpress blogs

Blogger Poster User Guide

Automated posts to Blogger blogs

How to edit Wordpress and Blogger blog post layouts?

Autoblogging, automated blog posts

RSS Ground plugin for Wordpress posting

Setting up autopilot Wordpress blog posting