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I don't see my Facebook pages in the posting campaign

Autoposts to Facebook pages
David Logan
Updated 1 month ago

Note: posting to Facebook groups were restricted by the platform.

When you create a Facebook posting campaign we ask your permission to manage your Facebook pages. This permission is needed to make automated posts.

In most cases, your Facebook pages should appear automatically. But sometimes even after you grant this permission to our app all or some pages may not be visible in posting campaign settings. The same may occur when you've created new Facebook pages and want to add them to your posting campaign settings.

If you don't see your Facebook page on the list in the campaign editor, please try to re-authenticate your Facebook user. First press Disconnect next to your Facebook user name in the Posting section, and then press Authenticate.

If you still don't see your page on the list, you need to go to your Facebook account > Settings > Business Integrations:

Find the RSS Ground app and remove it.

Then go to your posting campaign and authenticate once again. You should now see all the available Facebook pages.

If you have several Facebook posting campaigns, you don't need to go to each one of them to re-authenticate. They will be re-authenticated automatically.

Another reason why you don't see the list of your Facebook pages in your posting campaign is that your Facebook token has expired. You simply need to authenticate your Facebook account again.

Read more about Facebook tokens.

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