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What is a Facebook token?

Facebook authentication, validate Facebook
David Logan
Updated 3 weeks ago

Facebook token is a personalized access key that is used by RSS Ground app to connect to your Facebook account. This token is needed to serve your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and make automated posts to your Instagram account and Facebook pages. You receive this unique token once you authenticate your Facebook or Instagram account in RSS Ground. It is kept in our backend records.

According to Facebook rules, all tokens expire after 60-90 days and you need to re-authenticate your Facebook account again to obtain a new token.

You don't need to authenticate your Facebook account in all posting campaigns or to re-regenerate Facebook and Instagram feeds over again. Just go to one of your Facebook posting campaigns, Facebook Feeds or Instagram Feeds, depending on what token has expired, and re-authenticate your Facebook account. All affected feeds and campaigns will be automatically resumed.

We understand how important it is for you to have your posting campaigns and content feeds to be up and running all the time. And we will notify you every time your Facebook token is expired.

Unfortunately, you can't update tokens in advance. Only as soon as they expire. Don't miss our notification emails with detailed instructions on how to update your Facebook tokens.

Note: You also need to obtain a new token every time you change your Facebook password.

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