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How to use RSS Ground with Pabbly Connect

Automated content sharing and content collection with Pabbly Connect
David Logan
Updated 1 week ago
  1. RSS Ground as a Trigger (content sharing)
  2. RSS Ground as an Action (content collection)
  3. Learn more about Pabbly automation 
  4. One click RSS Ground integrations at Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect allows you to create, manage and promote your entire business with a single Pabbly account with access to powerful tool applications like form builder, email marketing, subscription billing & much more.

You can use Pabbly Connect to share and collect content with a help of RSS Ground service. Automated connections in Pabbly Connect are called workflows. Each workflow has one app as a "Trigger", where your information comes from and which causes one or more "Actions" in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.

In Pabbly Connect, RSS Ground can be used as a Trigger (for automated content sharing), or as an Action (for content collection).

Getting Started with Pabbly Connect.

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RSS Ground as a Trigger (for automated content sharing).

Before creating a new Workflow with RSS Ground as a Trigger, you need to create an Integration platforms posting campaign.

1. Log in to your Pabbly Connect account.

2. Click "Create Workflow" button.

3. Select RSS Ground app as a Trigger (Trigger : When this happens …)
4. Select Trigger Event - New Item in Posting Campaign and press Connect to authenticate your RSS Ground account.

5. Once you are authenticated you can select one of your RSS Ground integration posting campaigns from the dropdown:

6. Press Save & Send Test Request. This option sends a test request to your posting campaign. To complete this step, you need to go to RSS Ground, activate this posting campaign and set it to make a post. Pabbly Connect will use this post to map content for future posts.

7. Now you can go on and select any app as an Action (Do this …)

Your Integration posting campaign will be sharing content to this workflow on autopilot. You can see how many Workflows are used in the posting campaign editor:

We have integrated Full Pabbly Experience into RSS Ground, meaning that you can now create and edit Workflows without leaving your RSS Ground account, by clicking on Pabbly Connect logo in your integration posting campaign.

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RSS Ground as an Action (for automated content collection).

Before creating a workflow with RSS Ground app as an Action, you need to create at least one personal feed in RSS Ground

1. Log in to your Pabbly Connect account.

2. Click "Create Workflow" button.

3. Set up a Trigger app for content collection (Trigger : When this happens …)

4. Now you set up an Action (Do this …)  and select RSS Ground app. From the Action Event dropdown select Add a new item to personal feed and press Connect to authenticate your RSS Ground account:

5. As soon as your RSS Ground is authenticated you will be able to select one of your personal feeds.

6. Now you need to map content which will be added to your personal feed going further. Click on the field and select relevant content element for Title and Description (required) and for other fields (optional)

7. Now you can save your workflow.

From now, workflow will be on autopilot. As soon as new content appears in the trigger, it will be sent to your personal feed.

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Learn more about Pabbly automation

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