Personal Feeds User Guide

  1. About personal feeds
  2. Creating personal feed
  3. Creating a new post (item) for a personal feed
  4. Add items to a personal feed
  5. Edit posts (items) in the personal feed
  6. How to use personal feeds

About Personal Feeds

Personal Feeds Generator
Personal feeds - are private content feeds that consist of posts composed manually or/and items added from other content feeds.

To be able to create and use personal feeds you need to sign up for any of RSS Ground membership plans

The number of personal feeds is limited according to the quota for private feeds, depending on your RSS Ground membership plan.

Each personal feed can contain up to 100 items.

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Creating personal feed

If you already have an RSS Ground account, find the " Create a personal feed" link in the header menu "Feeds":

You can also start creating personal feeds from MY ACCOUNT page by using the "Add content" option:

Or, you can use the same drop-down in your Feeds Box:

In the Personal feed editor, you need to specify feed's title, description (optional), feed's URL, and tags (optional).

Feed's title and description will be used as RSS channel metadata.

URL slug allows you to customize the link of your feed. This should be a unique slug, not taken by other users. 

Your personal feed can be immediately added to any posting campaign, content widget, or Feeds Reader. Or you can just save your personal feed to Feeds Box.

Press the SAVE FEED button for any of the above actions.

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Creating a new post (item) for a personal feed

There are several ways to start composing a new post (item) for a personal feed.
You can use the "Write new post" icon next to your personal feed in Feeds Box, and start writing a post for this specific personal feed:

Here in Feeds Box, you can use the "Add content" option to start writing a post and specify a personal feed already in the editor:

 Or you can use the main menu and "Feeds" section to "Write new post":

Finally, you can start writing a new post from MY ACCOUNT page using the "Add content" drop-down:

In the "Write new post" editor, specify your post title and description. 
You can use basic formatting, add links, images, videos, and your own HTML. We don't allow javasript in the description though. 
Images also have some limitations: 3mb file size and jpg, jpeg, svg, png, gif, .apng, webp, .avif formats.

Now you need to specify your post link. Each personal feed post (item) has two types of links: local and external. 
The local link will lead back to the post itself when shared. The external link will take visitors to any other URL you specify. It is on your choice what link, local or external, will your post have.

Each manual post will have a current time and date by default. But if you don't want to publish your post immediately, you can select any future time and date. Until that time, the post won't be visible in the feed.
Use "Don't publish immediately" to set a scheduled time.

Before you publish your post, please make sure the right personal feed is selected in the  "Add to feed" drop-down.
If you are not done composing your post, you can save it as a draft and come back later to finish it. 

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Add a new item to a personal feed

To add a new item to your personal feed, you need to go to Feeds Box and click the Preview icon for any feed you wan't to add content from.

In the preview, choose any item you like and click on the "Plus" icon:

Then choose your personal feed from the dropdown and press ADD:

You can also add items to your personal feeds from Feeds Reader. Choose the needed item, right-click on it, and then choose the needed personal feed from the list:

You can preview your Personal Feed in Feeds Box to see all items added. In the preview window, you can click on the  Delete icon to remove items you no longer need:

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Edit posts (items) in the personal feed

To manage all posts and items in your personal feed, you need to go to the feed's editor. Click on the "Edit option" next to the needed personal feed in Feeds Box:

In the feed's editor, all posts and items are sorted according to their time and date, with the most recent on the top.
All scheduled and draft posts will be on the top, highlighted in light grey and orange accordingly. 

Here you can go to edit your post or item, or remove it from the feed. 
Edit and remove options can be also found in the personal feed's preview in Feeds Box.

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How to use personal feeds

Personal feeds will work just as regular RSS Ground private feeds. You can use them in your posting campaigns ( see user guide), content widgets ( see user guide) or add to Feeds Reader ( see user guide). 

Personal feeds allow you to implement a semi-automated posting method. By adding only hand-picked items to your personal feeds, you make ensure that only quality items will be posted to your social accounts or blogs.  

But you can also use the advanced filter option in Feeds Reader, to automize the process of content filtering ( see user guide). 

You can create separate personal feeds for items from a specific content source, or on a specific topic, or dedicated to a specific posting campaign.

Content will stay in your personal feeds even after content feeds that originally had that content were deleted from your Feeds Box or Feeds Reader.

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