How to create a posting campaign

Creating a posting campaign

To automate content sharing to blogs and social media in RSS Ground you need to create posting campaigns in your RSS Ground account.

Go to the Posting Campaigns page and select "Set up a new posting campaign" option from the dropdown. 

Choose your posting destination and proceed to the posting campaign editor. 

A posting campaign has 4 main sections: Name, Content, Posting, and Automation. 

Specify the campaign's name then proceed to adding content feeds. 

Click on " Add content" dropdown in the Content section. Select "Import feeds" option to manually add one or several content feeds. Your feeds will be added to this posting campaign and automatically saved to your Feeds Box.

If you already had some feeds saved in your Feeds Box, select " From Feeds Box" option. 

From the appeared popup with your Feeds Box, you can search, filter, and preview your feeds. Feeds can be added to your posting campaign one by one using  + / - icons. Or, by using checkmarks and  ADD & CLOSE button for the bulk action.

Note: you can use up to 10 content feeds in one posting campaign.

After you're done with content feeds, proceed to the Posting section. Here you set up your posting destination. Mainly, you need to authenticate your blog, or social media profile (user account). 

Finally, in the Automation section, you set your posting campaign timing: how often your posting campaign should make posts. 

Each section contains " Advanced settings". Advanced settings are optional, but they can help fine-tune your posting campaign to operate more efficiently. Also, advanced settings differ based on posting destination, so please refer to user manuals for more information.

When you are done with your posting campaign settings, press "SAVE CAMPAIGN" button. Your campaign will be automatically launched. You can access it from the Posting Campaigns page of your RSS Ground account. 

Other ways to create a posting campaign. 

Creating a posing campaign from the Feeds Box.

From your Feeds Box page select needed feeds and press  WITH SELECTED button, then select "Add to a Posting Campaign"  from the dropdown:

Then choose a posting destination and select the option to create a new posting campaign:

Note: if you wish to add your content feeds to one of the existing posting campaigns, select that existing campaign from the list. 

After that, proceed with your posting campaign settings as described above.

Create your posing campaign from a feeds generator.

If you don't have needed content feeds in your Feeds Box, you can go to one of the public or private feeds generators. 

Click on  GENERATE button,  then select "Add to a Posting campaign" option. Add your new feeds to an existing posting campaign or create a new one.

Note: Newly generated feeds are always automatically saved to the Feeds Box for future use and reference.

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