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How to manage posting campaigns

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David Logan
Updated 6 months ago

If you can't watch the above video tutorial, please read the text version below.

This tutorial is about managing your posting campaigns under RSS Ground account.

If you don't have any posting campaigns yet and have no idea how to create one, it will be better to start with Creating a Posting Campaign tutorial and then come back here to continue.

You can have one or several active posting campaigns under your RSS Ground account depending on your membership level.

See how many campaigns you already have and how close you are to your limit in the ACCOUNT section of your RSS Ground account.

To find all created posting campaigns you need to go to the Posting Campaigns section (or FEEDS - Posting campaigns):


Posing campaigns are sorted by creation time with the most recent campaigns on the top.

Search and filter posting campaigns

You can search for a particular posting campaign by keywords using the Search option.

Or you can use the Filter campaigns option to filter a group of campaigns with the same parameter.

For example, you can search for posting campaigns set for a particular destination or destinations:

Also, you can filter activated (running) or deactivated (paused) posting campaigns:

Activate or deactivate a posting campaign

To activate or deactivate (pause) a posting campaign manually use ON/OFF toggle.

When you save your posting campaign it is activated automatically.

If your posting campaign is activated you can always see when it will make its next post.

Edit and copy posting campaign

To make any changes to a posting campaign click on the Edit icon to go to the campaign editor.

To create a posting campaign with similar settings, make a copy of an existing campaign. Click on the Copy icon.

To add new content feeds to your posting campaign, you can use the Add content - From Feeds Box option in the campaign editor:

Also, you can add new content feeds from the Feeds Box. Select needed feeds and use WITH SELECTED - Add to a Posting Campaign option:

Posting campaign activity log

Each campaign has its log where all recent campaign activities are shown. Click on the Log icon to preview it.

In the campaign's log, you can see a history of the latest posts and campaign updates.

For better visual interpretation, log records are color-coded.

All user manual activities, like campaign activation, deactivation, or update, are colored in blue.

Successful posts have a green color and contain a link to the published post.

If you see a yellow message saying No new content to post this means that there is no relevant content in your content feeds at the moment and the posting campaign will check them again on the next run.

And if you see a red message, this means that there is a serious problem with your posting campaign. Most likely, there is a problem connecting to your blog or social media. You need to urgently go to the campaign editor and re-authenticate your blog or social media account.

If the red message says about any other error or re-authentication doesn't help, please contact our support team for further instructions.

You can filter campaign log activities by a record type:

For your convenience, we also highlight campaigns that had a problem with a recent post. If no new content was found, a posting campaign will be highlighted in yellow. A campaign with a more serious problem will be highlighted in red.

To see the last log record or find out why this campaign is highlighted, simply click on "arrow down" to expand the posting campaign description.

Delete posting campaign

If you think you don't need a campaign click on the Delete icon.

You can delete your posting campaigns in bulk. Select needed campaigns and press WITH SELECTED button at the bottom of the list. Then choose the Delete option. In the same way, you can activate and deactivate your posting campaigns in bulk.

Set up a new posting campaign

To create a new posting campaign use the Set up a new posting campaign option. Just choose your posting destination to go to the campaign editor. Or use the Copy icon as described above.

Posting campaigns limitations

Please keep in mind the limit on the number of posting campaigns for your membership level. Pay attention to a special indicator above the list of campaigns. It will show you how many posting campaigns you already have, and how close you are to your limit. If you are close to your limit the indicator will be red.

 As soon as you hit the limit you will have to deactivate existing campaigns to create new ones or upgrade your membership to a higher level.


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