Posting campaign automation settings

  1. Basic automation settings
  2. Advanced automation settings
  3. Posting time-stamp randomization
  4. Posting time display
  5. Default time zone settings
  6. List of available time zones

Each posting campaign has basic and advanced automation settings. You can find them in the Automation section. 

Basic automation settings

Run posting campaign - here you set how often you want your posting campaign to run.

A posting campaign will check your feeds for new updates according to the basic automation setting. Depending on your content filters it will choose one or several items and make a post. If there is no available content it will skip posting and wait for another run.

The Free Basic plan allows you to check your feeds for updates only once in 24 hours.

Other paid plans allow you to check your feeds for updates as often as every hour.

Business plans allow checking your feeds as often as every 30 minutes. 

Basic automation settings are sufficient and enough to start your campaign. If you need further customization, use advanced automation settings.

Advanced automation settings

Advanced automation settings have several additional options.

Days to run campaign - you can choose which days of the week your campaign should run on. For example, you can specify only weekdays, and skip running your campaign on weekends.
Time to run campaign - you can set a time interval within a day to run your campaign. For example, you can set to run your campaign only in the daytime and skip making posts at night.  
Also, you can schedule your campaign to start and/or stop at a specific date. This is convenient when you set your posting campaign for a specific event or holiday. 
Delayed campaign start - set a specific date and time to start your campaign. 
Scheduled campaign stop - set a specific date and time to stop your campaign. 
Advanced automation also allows you to choose a Timezone for your posting campaign. This is handy when you target a specific geo-location. By default, your local time zone (the one set on your computer) is selected.  
Note: If you don't use any of the advanced automation options, but only basic settings, there is no need to reset your timezone.

Posting timestamp randomization

Our posting algorithm has built-in randomization. For example, if you start your campaign at 8 AM and wish to run every hour, your post will have a random timestamp +/- 5 minutes from the actual posting time. Let's say 7.57 AM or 8.03 AM. 
Bigger posting intervals have a 15 minutes randomization.
This is implemented to make your posts look more natural and to avoid a machine posting footprint. Also, this allows avoiding penalties for highly automated posting.

Posting time display

You can use a posting campaign log to analyze your posting campaign history. All post timestamps will be displayed in a timezone selected for this posting campaign. It will look like this:  10/20/2021, 8.06 AM (UTC-4). Where first goes a date of the post and then a post time in a specified time zone in UTC standard.

You can also see your next campaign run time in the list of your posting campaigns under   "FEEDS" - "Posting Campaigns":

Default time zone settings

If you run your posting campaigns in a specific time zone different from your local one, you can use default settings. Go to "ACCOUNT" - "Default settings". Find time zone settings and select a needed time zone from the list. Then press "Update".

Now every time you create a new campaign the specified time zone will be selected by default. 
If you already have your campaigns running in a specific time zone but wish to change it to a different time zone, then you can use the "Overwrite timezone" option. In the "Default settings" select a time zone from the list and check "Overwrite timezone for existing posting campaigns" then click  "Update". 
Please be careful with overwriting timezone, this will permanently update the timezone in ALL of your posting campaigns.
And again, if you don't use advanced automation settings there is no need to select a specific time zone. Time zone setting may be necessary only if you decide to run your posting campaign on specific days, times, or dates. 

List of available time zones

See below the list of available time zones. 
Note: there is no automatic Daylight Saving Time switch. You need manually change your timezone once the Daylight Saving Time change happens. To switch to another timezone, please use default settings and the "Overwrite timezone for existing posting campaigns" option.
* Coordinated Universal Time or UTC is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It is effectively a successor to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
UTC*-11 (SST) Samoa Standard Time
UTC-10 (HST) Hawaii Standard Time
UTC-9 (AST) Alaska Standard Time
UTC-8 (PST-ADT) Pacific Standard Time - Alaska Daylight Time
UTC-7 (MST-PDT) Mountain Standard Time - Pacific Daylight Time
UTC-6 (CST-MDT) Central Standard Time - Mountain Daylight Time
UTC-5 (EST-CDT) Eastern Standard Time - Central Daylight Time
UTC-4 (AST-EDT) Atlantic Standard Time - Eastern Daylight Time
UTC-3 (BRT) Brasília Time
UTC-2 (WGST) Greenland
UTC-1 (EGT) East Greenland Time
UTC+0 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time
UTC+1 (CET) Central European Time
UTC+2 (EET) Eastern European Time
UTC+3 (FET) Further-Eastern European Time (Arabia Time)
UTC+4 (GST) Gulf Standard Time (Near East Time)
UTC+5 (ORAT) Oral Time (Pakistan Standard Time)
UTC+6 (BST) Bangladesh Standard Time (Indian Chagos)
UTC+7 (ICT) Indochina Time
UTC+8 (AWST) Australian Western Standard Time (China Time)
UTC+9 (JST) Japan Standard Time (Korea Standard Time)
UTC+10 (AEST) Australian Eastern Standard Time
UTC+11 (SBT) Solomon Islands Time (Sakhalin Time)
UTC+12 (NZST) New Zealand Standard Time

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