How to add Telegram channel/group to a posting campaign

When you create a new posting campaign, you need to specify your Telegram bot token. Press the "Authenticate" button for this.

When you authenticate your bot, we check its recent actions (like posts, name/link changes, if it was added to any channel or group recently). And we show you the list of your channels and groups with recent actions in the "Send posts to" drop-down. In this list, we also show channels and groups used in your other Telegram posting campaigns.

If no actions were made in the channel or group lately and you don't use it in any other posting campaign, most likely it won't be visible in the list. The easiest way to add it to the list is to go to your channel/group and make a post (you can remove it right away). Or you can remove and add your bot there. Then press "Authenticate" and you will see your channel/group in the list.

Another way is to manually add your channel or group ID. But since it is not an easier task to find out this ID, we would recommend using the method mentioned above. But if you still prefer to add a channel or group manual, please find the "Other channel/group" option on the bottom of the dropdown list.

Please note, you can manually specify your public channel by its ID (-NNNNNNNNNN) or URL (, but you cannot add invite links of private channels or groups there. However private channels and groups do have ID's as well. You can see these ID's in web address bar by login into Telegram web client ( ) in any browser and clicking on the private channel:

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