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How does posting mask option work in Twitter poster?

Automated tweets from content feeds
David Logan
Updated 1 year ago

With a help of the Posting mask option in the Twitter Poster, you can set the structure of your automated tweets.

As you know, each RSS and most other content feeds consist of several standard elements. Read more

Each RSS item (article, product, video) has its title, description, link, and some other elements.

When you make automated posts to Twitter you can choose what elements you wish to add to your posts. And you use the posting mask option with special tags.

Select Posting method = All post elements in the advanced Posting settings. Enter post elements to the Posting mask field:

%TITLE% - title of feed's article
%DESCR% - description of feed's article
%LINK% - backlink to the original article.

By default, the mask will look like this: %TITLE% %DESCR% - %LINK%. You can add additional symbols to the post mask, change the order of post elements, and remove any element if you don't wish to use it.

You can add any plain text to the posting mask and it will be added to each post. Please don't add hashtags to this field. According to Twitter's Information Quality policy, it is not allowed to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag.

Read more about Twitter restrictions

You should remember that Twitter limits the length of its tweets to 280 characters, including links and plain text.

If you use all elements in the posting mask (title, description, link, plain text), first we make sure that your link fits the post limits, then we add your text and then the left number of symbols from the description.

So, don't use too long plain text in your posting mask if you wish to add as much content from descriptions to your tweets.

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