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What is a webhook?

Content automation, integration platforms, API connections
David Logan
Updated 1 month ago
The name webhook is a simple combination of web, referring to its HTTP-based communication, and the hooking programming function that allows apps to intercept calls or other events that might be of interest.

A webhook is an HTTP-based callback function that allows lightweight, event-driven communication between 2 application programming interfaces (APIs). Webhooks are used by a wide variety of web apps to receive small amounts of data from other apps.

In other words, a “webhook” is like a signal that one website sends to another when something happens. It’s a way for websites to communicate with each other in real-time. Imagine you have two apps that need to share information - when something changes in one app, it can immediately inform the other app about the change using a webhook.

RSS Ground has several native integrations with such automation platforms as Zapier, IFTTT, Pabbly Connect. You can set up a workflow there using RSS Ground app as a trigger or as an action.

With the webhooks option you can connect RSS Ground to any other platform, app, website or API that supports webhooks.

Let's see how it works with platform.

In you create a new scenario.

Select the Webhooks module from the list.

Select Custom webhook.

Press Create a webhook.

You will be provided with a webhook URL. Copy it.

Add another module to your scenario as an action.

Now you need to go to RSS Ground. Create new Integration platforms posting campaign.
In the Posting section select Webhook from the Posting destination dropdown.

Enter your webhook URL to the text field.

Finish posting campaign settings. Now every time your posting campaign is ready with a new post, it will send a payload in JSON format to' webhook. Here is example of JSON payload:

"title": "Item’s title (article title)",
"description": "Item’s description (article body, may contain HTML)",
"url": "",
"image_url": "",
"created_at": "2024-10-10T12:00:00+0000",
"tags": "itemtag1,itemtag2,itemtag3",
"feed_name": "Name of feed where item came from",
"feed_url": "",
"feed_tags": "feedtag1,feedtag2,feedtag3",
"company_name": "Name of RSS Ground posting campaign"

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