How many feeds should I have in my posting campaign?

You can have one or several feeds in one posting campaign. 

Mostly, it depends on the quality of the feeds. If they are updated rather frequently and you wish to post as many content from your feed as possible, you are recommended to create a separate campaign for each feed.

If your feeds are updated not frequently and you wish to make sure your blog is updated gradually, you are recommended to use several feeds in one campaign. 

In either case, it is not guaranteed that absolutely all updates from your feeds will be posted. Depending on your content poster, posting layout and posting frequency, the posting campaign will take 1-5 latest articles for posting. 

We also recommend using "Posting order = From newest to oldest" option in Advanced settings. Is will allow posting as many content from your feeds as possible. Your posting campaign will check your feed(s) for recent updates, and if there is no new content in the feed it will take older, but not yet published, content for posting. If there is no new or unpublished content in the feed, your posting campaign will stand by and wait for another run. 

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