Why my posting campaign (posting project) fails to post (not making new posts)?

There could be several reasons why your posting campaign (posting project) doesn't make posts:

1. All available content was already posted (if you use "Randomly" or "From newest to oldest" options for "Post items")

Solution: (a) let the campaign run and wait until fresh content will appear in your content feed(s);

                (b) add more content feeds to your campaign (up to 10);

2. There is no new (fresh) content in your content feeds (if you use "Only new" option for " Post items")

Solution: (a) let the campaign run and wait until fresh content will appear in your content feed(s);

                (b) add more content feeds to your campaign (up to 10);

                (c) reset "Post items" option to "Randomly" or "From newest to oldest"

3. Content feeds are not valid or empty

Solution: (a) use "Preview" option to make sure your content feeds contain content. If your feeds are not visible in Preview most likely you won't be able to post content from them. Generate new feeds (from different providers, with different keywords, with different filters);

              (b) make sure your content feeds are valid. In case content feed is not valid, it won't be working in RSS Ground service;

4. Automation settings: "Start/Stop at" was used

Solution: find your campaign in MY ACCOUNT - "Posting Campaigns" section and see the time in "Next run at" column. Go to campaign editor to Automation tab and see "Start at" time settings. The same way make sure "Stop at" option is set correctly.

5. Blog or social network account login problems: API error, remote posting option is failed, login is not correct

Solution: go to posting campaign editor and validate your blog or social network account again.

6. Your personal login token is expired.

Solution: some services, like Facebook and LinkedIn, provide you with a temporary token to let you make posts to your account remotely. These tokens are obtained automatically when you authenticate your social network profile in RSS Ground. However, these tokens expire every two months. You need to authenticate your account again (at least in one posting campaign). We usually send you emails notifying you about expired tokens. If for some reason you haven't received our email, please go to your posting campaign and authenticate your social network account. 

You need to re-authenticate your social network profile or validate your blog in case you change password or login email.

7. Your posting campaign is paused.

Solution: your campaign could have been paused for some reason: (a) you did it yourself occasionally; (b) "Stop at" date was hit; (c) your account was suspended recently and all your campaigns were automatically paused. You need to go to MY ACCOUNT - "Posting Campaigns", find needed campaign and press [ II ] to activate it.

8. Posting campaigns have stopped working.

One of the reasons why your posting campaigns stopped is the limit on a number of active posting campaigns under your membership level. Please see our membership plans limits to figure this out.

Solution: you need to either upgrade to a higher membership level or stop other posting campaigns to activate the one you need.

For your convenience, you can read your posting campaign log to see all recent actions in your posting campaign. From the campaign log, you can find out what could be the problem. Learn more "How to read posting campaign log".

If you can't find the solution here and still have problems with your posting campaign. please contact our support team and describe your situation also providing your posting campaign name.

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