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How to create a new Telegram channel or group

Posting automation to Telegram channel and groups
David Logan
Updated 1 year ago

With the Telegram Poster from RSS Ground, you can make automated posts to your Telegram channels or groups. And no matter if this is a private or a public channel/group.

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To create a new channel or group open the  Telegram app on your phone and tap the circular Pencil icon:

If you use the desktop Telegram app, click the sandwich menu in the top left corner:

Choose the "New channel" or "New group" option and follow the steps.

Your channel/group can be either public or private. You can easily switch from public to private at any time.

In the phone Telegram app, go to your channel/group. Tap on the channel/group's title. Tap the "Edit" option. Find and tap the "Channel/group type".

In the desktop Telegram app, go to your channel/group. Click the "kebab" menu in the top-right corner. Click "Manage channel/group". Find and click the "Channel/group type".

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