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Can I add content feeds to a running (existing) posting campaign or content widget?

Manage posting campaigns, manage content feeds
David Logan
Updated 1 year ago

You can send your content feeds from Feeds Box to a specific posting campaign.

Select a feed or a group of feeds and press WITH SELECTED button.

Press Add to a posting campaign.

Then choose a posting destination and a posting campaign from the list.

In the same way, you can send your content feeds to a posting campaign at the time you search or generate them.

And finally, you can add more feeds to a posting campaign from its editor. Go to the posting campaign editor and use Add content option in the Content section.

Note: there is a limit of content feeds per one posting campaign - 10 at a time. Also, be aware, as soon as you remove content feeds from the Feeds Box, they will be also removed from your posting campaigns.

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