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Amazon Feeds User Guide

Self-updating Amazon affiliate product feeds

How to sign up for Amazon affiliate program and obtain Amazon access keys?

Amazon credentials, Amazon Associates ID, Amazon Access Keys, Amazon Secret Key, product advertising API

Why sorting options don't work in Amazon feeds?

Amazon departments, targeted Amazon search

Can I generate Amazon feeds with products from any location?

Amazon local stores, local Amazon associates programs

eBay Feeds User Guide

eBay affiliate product feeds, eBay seller feeds

How to register for eBay affiliate program?

eBay Partner Network, eBay commissions, eBay campaign ID

Can I generate RSS feeds with products from any eBay program?

eBay local stores, eBay native products, local eBay programs

What is eBay campaign ID and custom ID?

Tracking eBay affiliate sales

How do I find a specific eBay category ID?

eBay category lookup

Can I generate RSS feed of a specific eBay seller?

eBay seller RSS product feeds, how to find eBay seller name

ClickBank Feeds User Guide

ClickBank affiliate product feeds

How to sign up for ClickBank affiliate program?

ClickBank affiliate network, ClickBank affiliate ID

What is ClickBank tracking ID?

ClickBank affiliate commissions, ClickBank affiliate products

What is ClickBank gravity index?

ClickBank affiliate products search

CJ Affiliate Feeds User Guide

CJ Affiliate product feeds

How to sign up for CJ Affiliate?

Promote CJ affiliate products, CJ affiliate commissions, CJ affiliate marketing

What is a CJ Affiliate Personal Access Token and how to obtain it?

CJ Affiliate credentials, CJ Affiliate tracking, CJ Affiliate keys

What is CJ Affiliate website ID?

CJ Affiliate tracking, CJ Affiliate commissions

What is CJ Affiliate advertiser ID and how to find it?

Targeted CJ Affiliate products

Shopify Feeds User Guide

Shopify product feeds, Shopify blog feeds

How to create a custom app and obtain Shopify keys

Shopify custom apps, Shopify private apps, API access token

Best Buy Feeds User Guide

Best Buy affiliate product feeds

How to obtain Best Buy affiliate ID

Best Buy affiliate program, Best Buy commissions, Best Buy marketing

Best Buy category ID lookup

Targeted Best Buy products search

GearBest Feeds User Guide

GearBest affiliate product feeds