CJ Affiliate Feeds User Guide

  1. About CJ Affiliate Feeds
  2. Basic settings
  3. Advanced settings
  4. Generating the feed

About CJ Affiliate Feeds

CJ Affiliate RSS Feeds Generator

ClickBank Feeds is one of the RSS Ground tools that allows you to generate self-updating content feeds with recent listings from your favorite CJ Affiliate advertisers.

Your CJ Affiliate affiliate credentials will be automatically embedded into product links. You can start promoting CJ Affiliate products right away and earn your fair commissions.

To use CJ Affiliate Feeds generator you need to sign up for any of the RSS Ground membership plans.

CJ Affiliate feeds are Private content feeds. The number of active private feeds is limited by your RSS Ground membership plan.

To use the CJ Affiliate Feeds generator, you need to obtain CJ Affiliate personal credentials which include: company ID, website ID and personal access token. Please read our quick guide on how to obtain CJ Affiliate credentials

If you already have an RSS Ground account, you need to go to FEEDS - Generate private feeds, and click on  CJ Affiliate Feeds icon:

Learn more about how to get started with content discovery in RSS Ground

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Basic settings

CJ Affiliate Feeds generator has Basic and Advanced settings. Advanced settings are optional and are used for a targeted search. You can use only basic settings to generate CJ Affiliate feeds.

All Basic settings are mandatory. Here you need to specify your Personal access token, Company ID and Website ID.

A quick guide on how to obtain CJ Affiliate credentials

In the Basic settings, you have to choose if you wish to search for product listings among all CJ Affiliate advertisers or only among advertisers that have approved you for their affiliate programs.

Use the Preview option before generating your feed, to make sure the feed displays content relevant to your search.

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Advanced settings

Advanced settings have several filters and sorting options. Advanced settings are optional, but they can help you to achieve more targeted search results. 

Filter by keywords - only products that mention at least one of the specified keywords in the title or description will be displayed in the feed. You can use one or several keywords at once.

Filter by advertiser IDs - you can restrict your search by one or several advertisers using their IDs. Only products of specified advertisers will be displayed in the feed.

Price range - you can limit your search results by a minimum and maximum product price. Here you enter only integers.

Currency - you can select only products listed in a given currency.

Sort by - you can sort search results inside your product feeds starting from the lowest or highest price.

Don't forget to use the Preview option before generating your feed, to make sure the feed displays content relevant to your search.

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Generating CJ Affilliate feeds

After you tune all basic and advanced settings, press the GENERATE button. You have several options:

  • Save to Feeds Box - simply save ClickBank feeds to the Feeds Box to use them later.
  • Add to Feeds Reader - add ClickBank feeds to your Feeds Reader to start following the latest updates.
  • Add to a Posting Campaign - add ClickBank feeds to an existing posting campaign or create a new campaign to start sharing content from ClickBank feeds to your blogs and social media.
  • Add to a Content Widget - add your feeds to an existing content widget or create a new content widget to add a content block with ClickBank feeds to your website or blog.
Note: whatever option you choose, your new ClickBank feeds will be saved to your Feeds Box anyway.

We will generate a separate ClickBank product feed for each specified keyword.

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