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How to sign up for CJ Affiliate?

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David Logan
Updated 6 months ago

How to sign up for CJ Affiliate?

To sign up for the CJ Affiliate program go to the official website:

To promote CJ Affiliate products and earn commissions, you need to register as a Publisher:

You need to complete all the steps of account activation, including tax and payment information, to start working with advertisers and getting paid.

Once you complete the account activation checklist, you will be able to apply for advertising programs so you could start promoting the products and also get access to CJ API to be able to generate affiliate product feeds with RSS Ground.

To generate CJ Affiliate feeds in RSS Ground you need to know your: Company ID, Website ID, and Personal Access Key (token).

Note: if you already have the needed credentials, we recommend saving them in your RSS Ground default settings. Every time you generate new CJ Affiliate feeds they will be entered automatically.

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What is a Company ID?

Company ID is your account number. This is a unique number that differentiates a publisher from other CJ accounts. This number is located on the top right side of your screen next to your name:

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What is CJ Affiliate website ID (PID)?

Website ID, also known as your Publisher Website ID (PID).

CJ Affiliate publisher may have multiple websites under his account. Each website you add to your CJ account generates a unique property identification number or PID. This number will not only help to identify your account but is also used in your tracking code to trace transactions back to your account.

To find your PID, navigate to your Account tab and then to the Websites settings.

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What is CJ Affiliate advertiser ID and how to find it?

In order to start earning money with CJ Affiliate, you need to start with finding advertisers. Go to your CJ Affiliate account to the Advertisers tab. Search for advertisers whose brands or products you want to promote on your website. Some advertisers only work with certain types of publishers, so be sure to review the advertiser's detail page before applying for his program.

See this short video on how to find the right advertisers.

You can see the advertiser's ID next to its name in the list of advertisers.

You can use these advertisers' IDs in the CJ Affiliate Feeds to generate self-updating feeds with product from these advertisers.

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What is a CJ Affiliate Personal Access Token and how to obtain it?

When you search for CJ Affiliate products using RSS Ground, you send search requests to CJ Affiliate API (Application programming interface). According to the rules, all API requests must be authenticated.

To authenticate your CJ Affiliate request previously you used a Developer Key. But Developer keys have been deprecated. CJ Affiliate implemented Personal Access Tokens. A Personal Access Token is a unique identification string for your account. Personal Access Tokens allow secure authentication when accessing the CJ APIs.

To obtain your personal access token you need to go to the CJ Affiliate developers portal ( Use your original CJ Affiliate user credentials to log in.

On the left sidebar go to Authentication > Personal Access Tokens.

Name your token in the Register a New Personal Access Token field and press REGISTER.

You will see the message New Personal Access Token Created. It will show your token name and the token itself. The string of numbers is your token. You will be using this string in RSS Ground to generate your CJ Affiliate feeds.

NOTE: as soon as you leave this page you won't be able to see your token again, it will be hidden. And if you don't remember your token you will have to generate a new one. We recommend saving your token to a secret location to be able to recall it when it is needed.

We can recommend saving your Personal Access Token (as well as company ID and website ID) in your RSS Ground default settings. Every time you generate new CJ Affiliate feeds they will be entered automatically.

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