How to sign up for CJ Affiliate?

How to sign up for CJ Affiliate?

To sign up for CJ Affiliate program you need to the official website or use the link below:


You will be asked to fill in an initial sign up form.

When you press next you will be sent an automatic email with a link to confirm your subscription. When you press the link you get to a more detailed user information form which will ask you to fill in your personal, business and account information.

You will also need to specify your website information. So be ready to provide your website URL and description. You can have several websites saved under your CJ Affiliate account. So you can add your other websites later. Just think of one you specify during the registration process.

Also, choose your niche or category for your website. This will help CJ Affiliate advertisers to find you in the service.

You will also be asked to agree with several CJ affiliate agreements.

As soon as you accept all CJ Affiliate terms your account will be created.

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What is a CJ Affiliate developer key and how to obtain it?

Developer key is a unique identification string assigned to you once you register for CJ's Web Services. This key is required if you call CJ Affiliate database through API remotely for security and authentication.

To obtain your key go to CJ Affiliate API page (

Enter your CJ Affiliate account login information into appropriate fields.

Press Submit.

You will see your developer key on the next screen

Use this key in CJ Affiliate Feeds generator in RSS Ground.

Please note, every time you request a developer key from CJ Affiliate it generates a new key. All previous keys expire. That means that you have to generate all your CJ Affiliate RSS feeds over again. So, please save your new CJ Affiliate developer key on your computer in order to recover it at any time. Also use default settings in your RSS Ground account to save your CJ Affiliate key to automatically add it to your new CJ Affiliate feeds.
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What is CJ Affiliate website ID?

CJ Affiliate publishers can list multiple websites under his account. Each website you add to your CJ account generates a unique website identification number or PID, which is used in your link code to track the performance of your links in each of your websites.

To add a new website or find existing website IDs you need to navigate to Account > Websites in your CJ Affiliate account.

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What is CJ Affiliate advertiser ID and how to find it?

In order to start earning money with CJ Affiliate, you need to start with finding advertisers first. Go to your CJ Affiliate account to Advertisers tab. Search for advertisers whose brands or products you want to promote on your website. Some advertisers only work with certain types of publishers, so be sure to review the advertiser detail page before applying to an advertiser’s program. 

See this short video on how to find right advertisers.

You can see advertiser's ID next to its name in the list of advertisers.

You need to use this advertisers' IDs in CJ Affiliate Feeds Generator if you want to generate feeds with products from specific advertisers.

As soon as you find proper advertisers you need to apply to their advertising programs. Press green plus sign (Join Program)  button next to their name.

Advertisers must accept your application before you can start promoting their brand. As soon as you are approved you can begin promoting advertisers' products.

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