What is a "content feed" in RSS Ground system?

Content feedis a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider.

Content feeds are used to distribute (syndicate) content across the Internet. Content providers add recent news and updates to a single file and share a link to this file with others. Using the link everyone can see what's new without navigating the content provider's website.

When you wish to receive targeted content from one of the content providers, RSS Ground creates a content feed and updates it as soon as new content related to your keyword is published by this content provider.

Very often content feeds are called web feeds, RSS feeds, news feeds. The most used type of content feed is RSS feed (read more about RSS feeds). But RSS Ground works with all types of content feeds including Atom feeds.

In RSS Ground system we use two types of content feeds: private and public. Private content feeds are unique and generated with a help of RSS Ground tools. These content feeds are valid RSS feeds created according to the official RSS specification. Public feeds are searched on the Internet your keywords. Read how to get targeted content feeds in RSS Ground.   

In RSS Ground, content feeds can be read in Feeds Reader, shared with a help of posting campaigns or added to websites with a help of content widgets.

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