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What is a "content feed" in RSS Ground system?

Public feed, private feed, personal feed
David Logan
Updated 8 months ago

In RSS Ground we use content feeds to save targeted content. 

Content feed - is a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider.

Very often content feeds are called web feeds, news feeds, etc. But most often content feeds are called RSS feeds (read more about RSS feeds). Since RSS Ground works not only with RSS but also with Atom feeds, we use a general name for them - content feeds.

At the same time, in RSS Ground we have different types of content feeds.

Public content feeds - are content feeds commonly accessible on the Internet and you can search for them in our Public Feeds search.

Private content feeds are unique and based on your search keywords, content filters, and content sorting. Private feeds are served exclusively by RSS Ground. They are generated with a help of RSS Ground feed generators.

Personal content feeds - the feeds that are composed of your own posts or from content manually added from other content feeds. Use the Personal Feeds feature to create your own feeds.

Content feeds are further used in:
- posting campaigns - to automatically share content in blogs and social networks.
- content widgets - to display content on web pages or emails.
- feeds reader - to read and research content.

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