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What is a content widget?

Content blocks, code snippet, targeted content for website
David Logan
Updated 1 year ago

Content WidgetContent widget - is a self-updating content block placed in any spot on your webpage. It will display the latest updates from a list of specified content feeds and can be configured to match your webpage design and layout.

Content widget is like a content aggregator embedded into a webpage. The main idea of a content widget is to place a self-updating content block on any page of your website or blog to provide visitors with ever-fresh targeted content.

Content widgets can show all types of information (news, videos, affiliate product listings) and can be used as the main or supplementary content source for your webpage.

You can place content widgets in the webpage body, sidebar, footer any spot you like.

One or several content widgets can be used on the same page.

Creating content widgets.

To create a content widget for your website or blog you need one or several content feeds.

When you generate new content feeds in RSS Ground use the Add to Content Widget option to send new feeds to the Content Widget editor. Use the same option when you select content feeds in your Feeds Box.

In the editor, you will be able to customize your content widget to tune it up to the design of your webpage and generate a code snippet for this content widget.

You need to copy and paste this code snippet into the source code of your webpage or template. Choose any spot you like.

Read more about Content Widgets.

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