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Public Feeds Search User Guide

Content research, feed directories, public RSS feeds, keyword-based feeds
David Logan
Updated 7 months ago

If you can't watch the above video tutorial, please read the text version below.

  1. About public feeds search
  2. How to search for relevant public feeds
  3. How to filter search results

About public feeds search

Public Feeds Search

Public Feeds is an ever-growing collection of frequently updated content feeds on any topic.

Here you can search for original content feeds from various content providers all over the Internet.

Any type of content can be searched here: news, articles, blog posts, images, videos, podcasts, and any other.

You can search for public feeds in your native language.

To use public feeds search you need to sign up for any of RSS Ground membership plans.

The number of Public Feeds saved under a user account may be limited depending on a membership plan.

If you already have an RSS Ground account, you need to go to FEEDS - Search public feeds menu:

You can learn about getting started with content research in RSS Ground

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Enter your keyword or phrase into the search box.

To search for public feeds in your native language use your native language keywords.

Alternatively, you can search feeds by categories listed below the search box.

You will get a list of the most relevant public feeds on your search.

Each feed in the list has a title, description, RSS link, and backlink to the feed's source:

You can use the Preview option to see the feed's content. In Preview you can choose one of the display modes: titles only, magazine, full view:

  • Titles only mode - shows only titles of feed's items (news).
  • Magazine mode - shows a digest (image and short description) of the latest news.
  • Full view mode - shows all available information on each item.

Initially, you see a list of the 10 most relevant public feeds in search results.

Click on Show more feeds to load another portion of related feeds.

You can get up to 100 relevant feeds on your search query.

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How to filter search results

Each public feed has its quality indicators. Pay attention to the Info column:

  • Updates frequency - shows an average number of updates per week.
  • Content size - shows if the feed contains full articles or just summaries.
  • Language - shows the original language of the feed.
  • Content type - shows the type of content in the feed: articles (text), videos, podcasts, or else.

Use the Filter search results option to sort and filter public feeds by each indicator.

Also, you can filter search results using keywords. Specify one or several keywords in the Filter by negative keywords field. All feeds that mention at least one of the specified keywords will be removed from search results.

You can select up to 10 public feeds and use them for your further needs. Press WITH SELECTED.

You have several options:

  • Save to Feeds Box - simply save selected feeds to the Feeds Box to use them later.
  • Add to Feeds Reader - add your feeds to your Feeds Reader for further research or to start following all the latest updates.
  • Add to a Posting Campaign - add your feeds to an existing posting campaign or create a new campaign to start sharing content from public feeds to your blogs and social media.
  • Add to a Content Widget - add your feeds to an existing content widget or create a new content widget to add a content block with your feeds to your website or blog.
Note: whatever option you choose, your new public feeds will be automatically saved to your Feeds Box anyway.

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