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How to get targeted content in RSS Ground?

Search public feeds, generate private feeds, create personal feeds
David Logan
Updated 2 months ago

In RSS Ground we use content feeds to provide you with fresh high-quality content. There are three main types of content feeds in the service: Public, Private and Personal.

Public feeds are freely available on the Internet. And in RSS Ground you can search a database of over 1,000,000 public feeds.

Private feeds, unlike public feeds, cannot be found on the Internet. They need to be generated based on a content source, your list of keywords, and custom filters.

Personal feeds are the feeds that consist of content created by you or compiled from content copied from other private feeds.

Public feeds

To start searching for public feeds, you need to go to the ACCOUNT section and click on the Add content dropdown. Then choose Search public feeds.

Also, you can use the main navigation menu: FEEDS - Search public feeds:

Finally, you can use the same option in the Feeds Box:

We have a separate video that explains in great detail how to search, filter, and manage public feeds.

Private feeds

To start generating private feeds, you need to go to the ACCOUNT section and click on the Add content dropdown. Then choose Generate private feeds.

Also, you can use the main navigation menu: FEEDS - Generate private feeds:

You can use the same option in the Feeds Box:

On the next step you choose a needed content provider:

Each private feed generator has 2 groups of settings: Basic and Advanced.

Only Basic settings are mandatory. Advanced settings contain several filters and will help you to further tweak your content feeds. Though advanced filters are optional, they can help to get more targeted content.

Basically, you just need to specify a keyword to generate a private feed. But some content providers require your personal keys. In the case of affiliate content feeds, you will have the option to specify your affiliate ID to automatically embed it into the product links.

Note: we cover all Basic and Advanced settings in separate guides for each content source. If you need detailed information, please find a user guide for the content source you plan to use.

When you are done with settings, press the GENERATE button.

You have several options on what you can do with your new content feeds:

  • Just save them to your Feeds Box for later use;
  • Add them to Feeds Reader to follow the latest updates or for further content research;
  • Add them to a new or existing posting campaign to make automated posts to your blogs or social network pages;
  • Or, add them to a new or existing content widget that can display self-updating content on your website.

Personal feeds

Personal feeds - are private content feeds that consist of posts created manually or/and items added from other content feeds.

Personal feeds allow you to compose your own content (write posts, articles, save images). But what is more remarkable, you can add content to your personal feeds from other feeds and then edit it. This way you can fully curate content before you share it.

Learn more about Personal Feeds

Other ways to get content in RSS Ground

Besides searching, generating, and creating content feeds in RSS Ground, you can add your favorite content feeds to RSS Ground manually. All content feeds will be saved to your Feeds Box and can be used in other RSS Ground tools.

Use the Add content - Import feeds option in Feeds Box to add your content feeds:

When you manually add content feeds in your posting campaigns, they are also saved to Feeds Box:

Also, you can subscribe to content feeds in the Feeds Reader and they will still be automatically added to your Feeds Box:

Besides, in Feeds Reader, you can use the OPML option to upload all your content feeds at once. In Feeds Reader you need to go to Settings - Feeds - OPML:

Content feeds limits

When you get new content feeds to your Feeds Box, pay attention to your account limits in the upper-right corner.

If you hit the limit you would need to upgrade your account or remove exceeding feeds from Feeds Box. Otherwise, you won't be able to add more content feeds.

Note: be careful when you delete content feeds from your Feeds Box. If you use them in posting campaigns and content widgets they will also be removed from there.

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