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Facebook Feeds User Guide

Content feeds of Facebook pages and groups

How to get targeted content in RSS Ground?

Search public feeds, generate private feeds, create personal feeds

What is a Facebook token?

Facebook authentication, validate Facebook

How do I find Facebook pages with relevant content?

Search for relevant content on Facebook

Can I generate content feed of a Facebook event and/or group?

Facebook content feeds for public pages, groups and events

My Facebook feeds stopped working. What do I do?

Resume Facebook and Instagram feeds, Facebook token

Instagram Feeds User Guide

Instagram feeds, Instagram business profiles, Instagram hashtag search

Why do I have to authenticate my Facebook account to start using the Instagram Feeds and Poster?

Facebook authentication for Instagram Feeds and Instagram Poster

My Instagram feed with search results by hashtag stopped working

Instagram feeds fail, Instagram hashtag feeds

YouTube Feeds User Guide

Content feeds of YouTube channels and search results

How to obtain Google API key

YouTube content feeds

How do I find YouTube channel ID?

YouTube channel feeds

YouTube feeds generator search syntax

Search for targeted YouTube videos

Is it possible to generate YouTube feed of a user or of a playlist?

YouTube keyword-based feeds, YouTube channel feeds

X (Twitter) Feeds User Guide

Search tweets by keywords, Twitter user feeds

Why don't I see media and full text in my tweets?

Twitter keyword-based content feeds, Twitter user feeds

Twitter keyword search guide

Targeted Twitter content feeds, quality Twitter search

Content Feeds (keyword based feeds) User Guide

Google news, Bing, Flickr, Photobucket, Pinterest, Vimeo, iTnes

Telegram Feeds User Guide

Telegram channel content feeds

How to find a public Telegram channel URL

Self-updating Telegram channel content feeds

Datafeeds User Guide

Convert datafeeds to RSS feeds

What is a datafeed?

Product feed, affiliate products, Datafeed converter, datafeed to RSS