How to obtain Google API keys for YouTube Feeds generator

Google has a daily quota (limits) for the number of YouTube video search requests. The quota is allocated to a personal user key which is obtained individually by each user. This key ensures you have uninterrupted access to your YouTube feeds independently from other users' performance. 

Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how to obtain Google API key for YouTube Feeds generator. 

Note: you must have an active Google account to obtain the key.

1. Go to Google's developers console

2. Agree to Terms which also cover Google YouTube API usage. 

* YouTube API - is a set of functions and procedures which allows data search such as YouTube videos, playlists, and channels.

3. Now you need to need to create a project. Press "CREATE PROJECT" on the right.

Name the project and press "CREATE".

4. Now you need to specify which API you wish to use, namely YouTube Data API.

Click " ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES" on the top, or "Library" in the left-side menu.  

Enter "YouTube Data" into the search field and choose "YouTube Data API" from the list.

And press " ENABLE".

5. Now you need to create your key. Click "Credentials" in the left-side menu, then click "CREATE CREDENTIALS" on the top and then choose "API key" in the drop-down.

You will see your API key in the pop-up. Save it. You will be using it in RSS Ground. 

You can always find your key in the "Credentials" section under its name:

Now that you make all the settings, take the key and go to your RSS Ground account.


If you already have YouTube feeds generated before the key option was implemented, you can easily resume all your feeds at once:

  • Go to Default settings;
  • Find Google YouTube API section and add your key there;
  • Check-mark Overwrite key for all YouTube feeds;
  • Press Update.

Your API key will be automatically added to all existing YouTube feeds.

If you don't have YouTube feeds you can still save your API key in Default settings, and it will be automatically shown in YouTube Feeds generator every time you wish to generate your feeds.

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