My Facebook feeds stopped working. What do I do?

One of the reasons why Facebook content feed stopped working is your Facebook account password change.

Before you generate content feeds of Facebook pages first you authenticate your Facebook account. Facebook issues your personalized Facebook token during the authentication process. We save this token in our system and use it to serve your Facebook feeds.

When you change your password in Facebook account this token expires and your Facebook content feeds stop working.

To reactivate your Facebook feeds you need to go to Facebook Feeds tool and authenticate your Facebook account again. We will update your Facebook token and all your feeds will be resumed.

Another reason is natural Facebook token expiration. All Facebook tokens expire every 2 months. And you need to re-authenticate your Facebook account to update your token. 

No need to generate new feeds in both cases! Your previous Facebook feeds will be resumed.

When your Facebook token has expired we send you an email notification. Log in to your RSS Ground account, go to Facebook Feeds and authenticate your Facebook account.

Another reason why your Facebook feeds stopped working is a problem with the original Facebook fan page. Facebook fan page could be deleted, renamed, changed its URL or was hidden from the public. You need to find another Facebook page with similar content and generate its feed.

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