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Facebook Feeds User Guide

Content feeds of Facebook pages and groups
David Logan
Updated 3 months ago
  1. About Facebook feeds
  2. Generating Facebook feeds

About Facebook Feeds

Facebook Feeds generator

Facebook Feeds is one of the RSS Ground tools that allows you to generate self-updating content feeds of any public Facebook page or Facebook group you administrate.

To generate a content feed of a Facebook page you need a page URL or page name.

To generate a content feed of your Facebook group, please make sure RSS Ground app is added to this group.

Instruction: how to add RSS Ground app to a Facebook group

Example of a Facebook feed:

To be able to generate Facebook feeds you need to sign up for any of the RSS Ground membership plans.

Facebook feeds are private content feeds. The number of active private feeds is limited depending on a membership plan.

If you already have an RSS Ground account, you need to go to FEEDS - Generate private feeds, and click on the Facebook Feeds icon:

Learn more about getting started with content discovery in RSS Ground

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Generating Facebook feeds.

First, you need to authenticate your Facebook account. Press the Authenticate button.

Then choose if you wish to generate content feeds of Facebook pages or Facebook groups.

To generate a content feed of a Facebook page you need to specify the page's URL or page name (slug). Up to 10 pages can be specified at a time.

To generate a content feed of a Facebook group, select the needed group in the dropdown menu. Up to 10 groups can be selected at a time.

Note: if you don't see the needed group on the list, make sure you still participate in this group and the RSS Ground app is added to this group.

When your pages or groups are specified, press GENERATE.

You have several options:

  • Save to Feeds Box - simply save Facebook feeds to Feeds Box to use them later.
  • Add to Feeds Reader - add Facebook feeds to your Feeds Reader to start following the latest updates or for further research.
  • Add to a Posting Campaign - add Facebook feeds to an existing posting campaign or create a new campaign to start sharing content from Facebook feeds to your blogs and social media.
  • Add to a Content Widget - add your feeds to an existing content widget or create a new content widget to add a content block with Facebook feeds to your website or blog.

Note: whatever option you choose, your new Facebook feeds will also be saved to your Feeds Box.

A separate Facebook feed will be generated for each specified Facebook page or Facebook group.

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