Keyword Based Feeds - User Guide

Keyoword based Feeds

With Keyword Based Feeds tool you can search for targeted content from several famous content providers using your keywords.

Search results will be provided as original self-updating content feeds.

To use Keyword based Feeds tool you need to sign up to any of RSS Ground membership plans

Keyword based feeds are Private content feeds. The number of active Private feeds may be a subject to limitations at RSS Ground membership plans.

If you already have RSS Ground account find Keyword based Feeds link in the main menu

or choose one of the content sources from Add Feeds drop-down menu in your account main page.

Generating keyword based feeds

First, specify a content source. One or several.

Then specify search keyword. One or several. Up to 10.

Press GENERATE button.

Use Setup posting campaign option to start sharing content from Keyword based feeds right away.

Use Convert to content widget option to create a code snippet for your website or blog.

Use Add to Feeds Reader option to start following all latest updates in regards your search.

Whatever option you choose your new Keyword based feeds will be saved to your Feeds Box anyway.

We will generate a separate content feed for each specified search keyword and each specified content source.

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If you are not a member of RSS Ground service yet, please sign up for any membership plan.

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