Why do I have to authenticate my Facebook account to start using the Instagram Feeds and Poster?

RSS Ground uses the official documentation to provide you with access to the original content published on Instagram and to let you make posts to your Instagram accounts. The Instagram service has deprecated its own developers' platform and it is now built on the Facebook Graph API - the official developers' environment for all Facebook-related services. 
Like in other Facebook tools, the user has to obtain an access token. That's why you have to authenticate with your Facebook account and grant our app all requested permissions.
You have to go through the authentication process only once. We save your user token and use it every time you review your Instagram feeds or make posts to your Instagram account.
Note: access tokens will expire after 60 days, and you will have to obtain new tokens to resume your feeds and posting campaigns. All you have to do is to go to the Instagram Feeds generator or to an Instagram posting campaign and re-authenticate your Facebook account. We will send you a notification as soon as your token is expired, please make sure you have whitelisted our support @ rssground.com email.
Obtaining user access tokens is not the only requirement by Facebook. The next step you have to undertake is to create a Facebook page if you don't have one yet. And you have to connect your Instagram account with this page. If you have several Instagram accounts you have to connect each of them to one of your Facebook pages. Only one Instagram account can be connected to the same Facebook page. 
Note: as soon as you connect your Instagram account to one of your Facebook pages this will make it an Instagram Business Account. Learn more about what happens when you connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account.
To sum up. In order to use the Instagram Feeds generator and Instagram Poster you have to:
1. Have an Instagram account. Learn how to get
2. Have a Facebook account. Learn how to get
3. Have a Facebook page. Learn how to create
4. Have your Instagram account connected to your Facebook page. Learn how to connect

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