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Best Buy category ID lookup

Targeted Best Buy products search
David Logan
Updated 1 year ago

One of the best ways to search for Best Buy products is by category.

By default, Best Buy Feeds generator provides a list of original Best Buy top-level categories. However, there are thousands of them. If you don't see a needed category on the list, you can use its ID to customize your search. In the Categories option, go to the bottom of the list and find the Custom category ID option:

If you don't know your category ID, or even if you don't know your desired category yet, here is how to find it.

Go to the Best Buy directories

Find a needed directory or sub-directories in the list.

Choose a needed directory and pay attention to its URL:

You can also use Best Buy's main navigation menu. Go to Products and choose a needed category:

Find the category ID in the category URL:

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