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eBay Feeds User Guide

eBay affiliate product feeds, eBay seller feeds
David Logan
Updated 3 months ago
  1. About eBay Feeds
  2. Basic settings
  3. Advanced setting
  4. Generating the feed

About eBay Feeds

eBay Feeds

eBay Feeds allows you to generate self-updating content feeds with targeted eBay listings relevant to specific keywords or to a specific eBay seller.

Your eBay campaign ID can be automatically embedded into product links and images. You can right away start promoting eBay products and earn your fair commissions.

Note: eBay has officially deprecated its Dynamic Feeds Generator. All conversions from the original eBay RSS feeds will be globally decommissioned starting from August 2020. 

RSS Ground is using the official eBay API to generate its eBay feeds which guarantees conversion tracking.

Example of an eBay affiliate product in the feed:

To use the eBay Feeds generator you need to sign up for any of the RSS Ground membership plans.

eBay feeds are private content feeds. The number of active private feeds is limited by your RSS Ground membership plan.

Before you start using the eBay Feeds generator you need to sign up for eBay Partner Network - the official eBay affiliate program. See a quick guide.

If you already have an RSS Ground account, you need to go to FEEDS - Generate private feeds, and click on eBay Feeds icon:

Learn more about getting started with content discovery in RSS Ground

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Basic settings

eBay Feeds generator has Basic and Advanced settings. Advanced settings are optional and are used for a more targeted search. You can use only basic settings to start searching for eBay products.

First, you choose if you wish to search for eBay products by Keywords or by specific eBay Sellers. You can specify up to 10 keywords or seller names at once. A separate eBay feed will be generated for each keyword or seller name.

eBay marketplace - you choose one of the eBay local markets to search for local listings.

Note: not all local marketplaces are supported at the moment.

To get your affiliate commissions for promoting eBay products you need to specify your eBay Campaign ID. Campaign ID - is a 10-digit number associated with your eBay campaign. It is automatically embedded into product links to track clicks and sales. Learn more about eBay campaigns.

If you don't intend to promote eBay products or don't have an eBay affiliate account, you can uncheck the Use my eBay campaign ID option and our service's default credentials will be used instead.

Custom ID - an alphanumeric identifier you create to identify your traffic. It is optional, you can leave this field empty if you don't want to use a custom ID.

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Advanced settings

Advanced settings are optional and are used for a more targeted search.

Categories - you can narrow down your search to a specific eBay category. Several categories can be selected for the same search.

In the dropdown, you will find the list of eBay top-level categories. However, you can also specify any eBay category using the Custom category ID option. Find it at the bottom of the list. Click it and enter the needed category ID:

Learn how to look up a needed eBay category ID.

Exclude sellers - when you search for eBay products by keywords, you can specify one or several (up to 10) sellers to remove their products from the search results. Specify up to 10 seller names. Read what is eBay seller's name here.

Filter by negative keywords - for keyword search, you can also specify negative keywords. Products that mention any of the specified negative keywords will be removed from the search result.

Price range - you can limit your search results by a minimum and maximum product price. Enter only integers.

You can also search for products with specific Conditions or that have other specific terms. "Buy It Now" items are returned by default if not specified otherwise.

Sort by - you can sort search results in your eBay feeds to show the most relevant products on the top.

Use the Preview option before generating to make sure your feed displays products relevant to your search.

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Generating eBay feeds.

After you tune all basic and advanced settings, press the GENERATE button. You have several options:

  • Save to Feeds Box - simply save eBay feeds to the Feeds Box to use them later.
  • Add to Feeds Reader - add eBay feeds to your Feeds Reader to start following the latest updates or for further research.
  • Add to a Posting Campaign - add eBay feeds to an existing posting campaign or create a new campaign to start sharing content from eBay feeds to your blogs and social media.
  • Add to a Content Widget - add your feeds to an existing content widget or create a new content widget to add a content block with eBay feeds to your website or blog.

Note: whatever option you choose, your new eBay feeds will be automatically saved to your Feeds Box.

We will generate a separate eBay product feed for each specified keyword and eBay seller.

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