What is eBay campaign ID?

When you register with eBay you receive your user ID. eBay user ID is a unique name you use to identify yourself on eBay. But if you wish to promote eBay products and receive affiliate commissions you need to register with eBay Partner Network (eBay affiliate program) and create a promo campaign. When you sign up for EPN you already have one default campaign. And you can create your own campaigns.

eBay campaign ID is similar to tracking ID used in other affiliate products. It helps to track traffic and segmentalize affiliate activities or links performance. For example, you can use specific campaigns for specific websites, specific promotions, specific groups of audience. But in eBay Partner Network, unlike other affiliate programs, your eBay affiliate ID is already included into your campaign ID and you don't use them separately. So, in eBay Feeds tool at RSS Ground you use campaign ID which will ensure your affiliate commissions.

Campaign ID is a 10-digit number which is included into product links.

Learn how to sign up to eBay Partner Network

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