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  2. Basic settings
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  4. Generating the feed

About GearBest Feeds

Gearbest RSS Feeds Generator

Gearbest Feeds generator will help you to search for targeted products listed in Gearbest local stores by your keywords or by main Gearbest categories.

Search results will be combined into a self-updating content feed which will show the latest Gearbest listings related to your search.

Your Gearbest affiliate ID (linkid) will be automatically embedded into product links. 

Note: at the moment, Best Buy Feeds generator can search for products only for the US region. 

Example of a Gearbest product from the feed:

To use Best Buy Feeds generator you need to sign up for any of RSS Ground membership plans

Gearbest feeds are Private content feeds. The number of active Private feeds may be subject to limitations depending on your RSS Ground membership plan.

Before you start using Gearbest Feeds generator you need to sign up for Gearbest Associate Program and create at least one LinkID associated with your affiliate account. See a quick guide.

If you already have RSS Ground account find Gearbest Feeds link in the main menu:

You can also go to Gearbest Feeds from MY ACCOUNT page: use  "Add new feeds" > "Generate private feeds" dropdown and then click on Gearbest icon:

You can also find "Add new feeds" option in your Feeds Box:

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Basic settings

Gearbest Feeds generator has Basic and Advanced settings. Advanced settings are optional and are used for a more targeted search. You can use only basic settings to start searching for Gearbest products.

Categories.  You can search for Gearbest products by category. Simply select a needed category from the drop-down. To search across the retire marketplace use " All categories".
Enter keywords. Or you can search for Gearbest products by a keyword. You can also search by category and keyword simultaneously. You can use up to 10 keywords at once. A separate content feed with related products will be generated for each specified keywords. 

If you wish to embed your affiliate ID (LinkID) specify it in  Affiliate link ID (linkid) field. Learn how to get LinkID

If you don't want to embed your Gearbest affiliate ID into product links or if you don't have your affiliate ID yet, simply uncheck  Use my Gearbest affiliate link ID.

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Advanced settings

Advanced settings are optional and are used for a more targeted search.

Filter by negative keywords - this filter instructs to remove products related to at least one of the specified keywords from search results. Each feed will be filtered by each specified keyword.

Price range - you can limit your search results by a minimum and maximum product price. Enter only integers.

Currency - this option allows you to convert the original product price into a selected currency. 

Country website. Gearbest has a number of local websites. You can select a country website to get listings in the local language.

Sort by - this instructs to sort search results in your Gearbest feeds by one of the parameters:
- Best match - most relevant listings will go first. 
- Price: low to high - products with the lowest price will go first.
- Price: high to low - products with the highest price will go first. 


You can use the Preview option to make sure your feed displays products relevant to your search.

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Generating the feed

Now that you are done with all Basic and Advanced settings, press GENERATE button.

A single content feed will be generated for a specified Gearbest category or for each keyword specified in basic settings. 

Use Add to a posting campaign option to start promoting products from your Gearbest feeds (see user guide).    

Use Add to a  content widget option to create a code snippet for your website or blog ( see user guide).
Use Add to Feeds Reader option to follow all the latest updates from your Gearbest feeds ( see user guide).
But whatever option you choose, your new Gearbest feeds will be automatically saved to your Feeds Box ( see user guide).
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