RSS Ground Quick Start Guide

Below is a brief description of the service and its main concepts.

Main RSS Ground service concepts

RSS Ground is all in one content processing service.

In RSS Ground you can search for high-quality content from all major content providers all over the Internet. Moreover, you can automatically post discovered content to your blogs or social network profiles, as well as display this content on your websites.

Before you start using the service, please learn more about RSS Ground main concepts.

My Account

MY ACCOUNT page is the main section of your RSS Ground user account. You get there as soon as you log in to the service.

From MY ACCOUNT you start discovering fresh content, managing searched and generated content feeds in Feeds Box, Feeds Reader, posting campaigns and content widgets.

To navigate across the service you can also use the main menu. 

Generating and managing content feeds

RSS Ground uses content feeds to deliver fresh and targeted content from content providers to end-users.

Content feed is a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider.

In RSS Ground you can generate private content feeds - unique content feeds based on your search keywords, content filters, and content sorting.

Or search for public content feeds - original content feeds from various content providers with public access on the Internet.

Read more about private and public content feeds in RSS Ground

Also, you can create your personal feeds combined from content from private and content feeds.

Read more about personal feeds in RSS Ground

To start searching for new public feeds or generating new private content feeds use New content feeds option in MY ACCOUNT.

Choose if you wish to search for public feeds, generate privet feeds from a particular content provider, create your personal feed, or convert a datafeed.

When you search for public feeds or generate your private content feeds you use one or several keywords. A separate content feed will be generated for each specified keywords. 

Depending on a content source you can also use different basic and advanced settings. Advanced settings are optional and are used for more specialized or more targeted search results.

If you have any questions on how to search for targeted content from a particular content source you use  Help Beacon which contains user guides, FAQ and other support materials. Also, you can use Help Beacon to contact our support team.

When you search or generate content feeds you save them to your Feeds Box. However, you can also choose to immediately add them to Feeds Reader, to a new or existing posting campaign or content widget.

Press GENERATE button and choose:

  • Save to Feeds Box - to simply save your new content feeds and use them later;
  • Add to Feeds Reader - to add your new content feeds to a particular category of your Feeds Reader;
  • Add to a Posting Campaign - to set to one of your blogs or social network profiles;
  • Add to a Content Widget - to create a content widget to display content feeds on your website.

And don't forget about Preview option just to make sure your feeds are quality enough. 

When you choose to add feeds to Feeds Reader, create a posting campaign or content widget they are still automatically saved to your Feeds Box.

To manage your content feeds in Feeds Box, Feeds Reader, in posting campaigns or in content widgets you go to MY ACCOUNT or use the main navigation menu, and choose a needed section.

Account limits

The number of saved content feeds, created posting campaigns and content widgets are limited according to your membership level.

Read about membership limits

If you hit the limit you won't be able to search for more public content feeds or generate more private content feeds, create more posting campaigns or content widgets.

To proceed, you need to delete one of your saved feeds, posting campaigns or content widgets. Alternatively, you need to upgrade to another membership plan with higher limits.

In conclusion

These are the basics to help you to start using the service right away. You can refer to these Quick Start Guide any time you want. Find the link on MY ACCOUNT page.

For more detailed information about the service, please refer to our comprehensive Knowledgebase using Help menu or help beacon.

To change your password and other personal information use Profile & Billing section. Here you can also find information about your RSS Ground subscription and all recurring transactions.

To speed up the process of generating new private content feeds you can make default settings. Default settings will be automatically applied every time you generate new content feeds and you won't need to enter them manually over again. Read more about default settings

Don't forget to join our Affiliate Program. If you really like RSS Ground - send in other interested users and get commissions for each referred subscription. The more the merrier! Read more about RSS Ground Affiliate Program

Follow all the latest service news and updates on our blog. You will also find other useful articles on Internet marketing there.

We wish you the best experience using RSS Ground service!

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