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What membership plan to choose

Free Basic, Basic+, Plus, Premium, Business, annual, monthly
David Logan
Updated 3 months ago
In RSS Ground we have free and paid membership plans.

Paid plans, Plus and Premium, allow access to all RSS Ground tools and features. However, they have their limits.

In RSS Ground the main assets are: content feeds, posting campaigns and content widgets.

Content feed - is a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider.

Posting campaign - is a customized process of automated gradual posting from a list of specified content feeds to a particular blog or social network profile.

Content widget - is a code snippet placed on any spot of your webpage that displays a self-updating content block with the latest information from a list of specified content feeds.

Depending on your membership plan you have a different number of content feeds, posting campaigns and content widgets that can be saved under your account.

For our corporate clients and agencies, we offer a set of Business plans with extended limits and additional account features.

Lower membership plans also have some a posting interval limit.

Posting interval (posting frequency) - how often automated posts are made. Basic account users can set their posting campaigns to make posts only once in 24 hours, Plus account - once every 3 hours, Premium account - every hour, Business accounts - every 30 minutes.

Note, in our paid plans we don't limit the number of social media profiles, blogs or posting destinations, like other services.

Accordingly, you choose your membership plan depending on the limits described above. But don't worry, if you hit the limits, you can upgrade your plan anytime.

Another option to consider when you sign up for RSS Ground is a billing cycle. You can choose monthly or annual billing. With annual billing, you save up to 20% of your membership fees.

To test-run the service you may start with a free Basic plan.

Please be aware, the Free Basic plan has a time limit. It will be valid for 6 months and then you need to either upgrade to a higher paid plan or to Basic+.

Basic+ has the same limits as free Basic but it allows you to keep your account and use your assets as long as you pay a small annual fee.

Please, find the information about our membership plans, limits and rates in our pricing table:

We offer personal and business plans with different limits to better suit your needs.

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