How to obtain Gearbest affiliate link ID

To earn money by promoting Gearbest products you have to sign up for Gearbest Associate Program.

To track and get commissions you need to generate Gearbest affiliate Link ID.

Note, Link ID is not the same as Associate ID.

Go to Ad Center - Deeplink - Custom Link Generator

In the Custom Link Generator section, generate a code using any Gearbest URL.

In the pop-up window, you will get a code. You need the ID which comes with lnkid=

You need only the string of numbers. 

You can have several Link IDs under the same Gearbest affiliate account. You can use them to track your different promo campaigns. And all of them will be valid. But you need only one for your RSS Ground account.

Once again, you don't need Associate ID, only Link ID:

If you already have custom links with your Link ID, you can find them in Reports - Ad Reports

Copy one of your Link IDs and use it in RSS Ground Gearbest Feeds generator:

You can use default settings to save your Link ID there. Every time you will be generating new Gearbest feeds, your Link ID will be inserted automatically:

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