What are the limits for Basic, Plus, Premium memberships?

Each RSS Ground membership plan, free or paid, has its limits.

We limit the number of public and private content feeds, the number of posting campaigns (posting projects), and the number of content widgets that can be saved under your account depending on your membership plan

See our pricing table for more information.

We also have some posting limits which depend on your membership plan.

Posting interval (posting frequency) - how often automated posts are made. Basic account user can set their posting campaigns to make posts only once every 24 hours, Plus account - once every 3 hours, Premium account - every hour, Business accounts - every 30 minutes.

Posting destinations - simultaneous posts from the same posting campaign. Basic account holders can make posts to only one posting destination (Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter account, LinkedIn page) at a time. Paid account holders (Plus, Premium, Business) can make simultaneous posts to up 3 destinations from the same posting campaign at a time.

Please note, Free Basic membership plan is limited to a period of 6 months. After that, you have to upgrade to one of the paid plans or to Basic+

You can control your account limits in the My Account section. You will see how many public feeds, private feeds, posting campaigns, and content widgets you already have and how close you are to the limit:

If you hit the limit you will not be able to generate more public or private content feeds, create new posting campaigns and content widgets.

To be able to generate more content feeds, create new posting campaigns and content widgets you need to delete already saved ones from your Feeds Box, posting campaigns and content widgets managers.

Another way to increase account limits is to upgrade to a higher membership level. 

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