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Semi-automated content curation

Feeds Reader advanced filters to personal feeds
David Logan
Updated 8 months ago
In RSS Ground we offer fully automated tools for content processing. Self-updating content feeds are used to deliver targeted content based on your keywords, categories, filters and content source. And automated content posters are used to automatically share content from content feeds to your blogs and social network accounts.

Everything works on complete autopilot.

However, you can implement a semi-automated method of content processing. You need:
1. Personal feed
2. Feeds Reader
3. Posting campaign or content widget

Personal feed is a content feed that consists of posts composed manually or/and items added from other content feeds. Personal feeds allow you to edit, fine-tune and modify content before further use.

Read how to create a personal feed

Feeds Reader is a feeds aggregator where you can read your content feeds, research needed content, or simply manage your feeds. But Feeds Reader also allows you to use advanced filters that can automatically filter needed content according to specific parameters.

Read how to set up advanced filters in Feeds Reader

Advanced filters will be automatically selecting targeted content from your content feeds and add them to your personal feeds. You can check this content, approve it, improve it, or remove it.

If you use your personal feeds in posting campaigns or content widgets, your sharing process is still fully automated but now you can be sure that only highly relevant content is shared.

And don't forget about keyword filters in the advanced settings of the Content section of your posting campaigns. Positive and negative keyword filters will be an additional barrier for irrelevant content.

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