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How do I change my personal information?

Change email, billing information, set and recall password
David Logan
Updated 8 months ago

To update your personal information you need to go to the  ACCOUNT - Profile & Billing section.

User information

In the Home tab, you can change your personal information: name and email.

Note: by default, you have the same email address as your user login and as your contact email address. When you change your email you change only your contact email. Your user login email address will stay the same. If you wish to change your user login email, please contact our support team.

Billing information

To change your billing information you need to go to the Subscriptions tab. Find your current subscription and click on the Update option. You will be offered to enter your new credit card information:

Note: we don't keep your credit card information on our servers. It is transferred to our trusted payment processor Stripe via a secure connection. If you have signed up via PayPal, you need to update your billing information there.


In the Home tab, find the Change Password option below the form.

Don't forget to press Save Profile after you're done.

Note: we don't have access to your personal data, but sometimes we need access to your RSS Ground account when providing our technical support. Please be ready share your password with our support team upon request.

If you don't remember your password you can use the Forgot password option on the login page. You will be offered to create a new password.

Note: if you use a social login option, you can still set up your password and login to RSS Ground account both ways.

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