How to use RSS Ground affiliate program

  1. How to register to RSS Ground Affiliate program.
  2. How to get affiliate ID and create personalized affiliate link.
  3. How to track affiliate links performance.
  4. Where to find prepared promo materials.
  5. How to track all referred traffic from your website without using affiliate links.
  6. Where to find the history of affiliate commissions payouts.

How to register to RSS Ground Affiliate program.

RSS Ground Affiliate Program is available only to registered members. You need to sign up to any RSS Ground membership before register to affiliate program.

To register to RSS Ground Affiliate program you need to log in to your RSS Ground account and go to Affiliate program section.

Fill out registration form.

All commissions are paid through PayPal. In Payment email field enter your PayPal email.

If you don't have a Paypal account, please contact our support team to discuss a possible way of payments.

Please make sure you read Terms of RSS Ground affiliate program before you register.

Press [Register] when you fill out the form and agreed to terms of use.

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How to get affiliate ID and create personalized affiliate link.

Find your affiliate ID and affiliate link in 'Affiliate URLs' section.

To direct your affiliate link to a specific RSS Ground page specify it in Page URL field. 

Then press [Generate URL] to generate your personal affiliate (referral) URL for a specific RSS Ground page.

If you wish to create your personal affiliate links referring to another RSS Ground pages, save save your current affiliate link, specify another page URL and press [Generate URL].

You can generate as many affiliate URLs as you want. All your generated URLs will be valid.

To track the performance of your affiliate links in different promo campaigns or on different webpages use different campaign names with your affiliate links.

For example if you wish to track how your affiliate link performs in Facebook and in Twitter add different campaign names to your links.

In Campaign Name field specify one campaign name (Facebook) and press [Generate URL]. Save this affiliate link. Then specify another campaign name (Twitter) and press [Generate URL]. Use these affiliate links in appropriate promo campaigns and see how each link performs.

To test your affiliate links logout from your RSS Ground account, clear cookies in your browser and use your affiliate link to visit RSS Ground. On the bottom of the page in footer you will see your user name. This means that your affiliate link works fine.

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A detailed statistics about all your clicks can be seen in 'Visits' tab. Here you see each visit referred through your affiliate links.

  • URL - what RSS Ground page this visitor was referred to.
  • Referring URL - what website this visitor came from.
  • Converted - if this visitor was converted to a subscriber.
  • Date - date of the visit.


List of all visitors converted into subscribers can be seen in 'Referrals' tab.

  • Amount - commission calculated for the visitor.
  • Description - membership level this visitor signed up to.
  • Status - if you've already been paid for this referral or not.
  • Date - date when this visitor was referred to RSS Ground.


Your general affiliate program statistics can be found under 'Statistics'.

  • Unpaid referrals - this number shows how many monthly and annual subscriptions are due payment. This number may be a bit tempered by Basic membership level subscriptions.
  • Unpaid earnings - the sum of commissions you've earned but which was not paid out yet.
  • Paid referrals - the number of subscriptions and referrals' monthly fees you have been paid for.
  • Paid earnings - total sum of commissions you have ever received from your referrals.
  • Conversion rate - a proportion of how many referrals who have clicked on your affiliate link and signed up to any of RSS Ground membership.

In this section you can also see the statistics in regards each campaign.

  • Visits - how many times links from a given campaign were clicked.
  • Unique links - how many unique links are used for this campaign.
  • Converted - how many subscriptions links from this campaign brought.
  • Conversion rate - a proportion of how many subscriptions campaign links brought out of all visits referred.


You can view your statistics information in graphical form. Check 'Graphs' tab.

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Where to find prepared promo materials.

We would like to offer you examples of promotional materials which can be used for RSS Ground promotion. Please see 'Creatives' tab.

Here you can find promo banners of various sizes and forms.

All promo links are already converted into your personal RSS Ground affilite links.

You can use your own promotion techniques and materials.

We will be glad to here about your promotion experience to add more promo materials based on your best practices.

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How to track all referred traffic from your website without using affiliate links.

We have one more very advanced way to track your referrals. You can specify your website URL and we will consider all traffic sent from this website as your referred visitors.

Go to 'Settings' tab. Enter your websites URL into Direct Link Tracking field and press [Save Profile Settings].

We will check and make sure your website is good for promotion. You will receive a confirmation you as soon as your website was approved.

Here in 'Settings' tab you can also change your Paypal email and set if you wish to receive a notification when you have a new referral.

Don't forget to press [Save Profile Settings] when you make any changes.

Where to find the history of my affiliate commissions payouts.

Go to 'Payouts' tab to view the history of all affiliate commissions paid to you.

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