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I work with adult content. Can I use your service?

Adult content, community rules, policy, standards, terms
David Logan
Updated 5 months ago

According to our Terms of Services among others, it is forbidden to post content or information that is obscene, hateful, threatening, defamatory, includes child pornography, or creates a risk to anyoneโ€™s privacy or safety. We also prohibit you to promote, do or further any unlawful, misleading, discriminatory or malicious activity. Please make sure your activity complies with the Terms of Services and all applicable laws and regulations.

We also highly recommend coming across community standards and policies of the social network platforms you wish to send posts to:

Facebook community standards:

Twitter rules and policies:

LinkedIn community policies:*

Instagram community guidelines:

Telegram terms of services:

IFTTT terms of services:

Zapier Acceptable Use Policy:

Pabbly Terms of Use:

Google Blogger content policy:

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