Feeds Reader search syntax

The search query consists of several keywords. If a keyword starts with "-", it is considered a negative match. Several special keywords are available:

  • @{date} - match by date. For example, @yesterday or @2011-11-03. Please note that due to incomplete implementation, special date keywords like yesterday might not match all articles if the user timezone is different from Feeds Reader internal timezone (UTC).
  • pub:{true,false} - match only published or unpublished articles
  • star:{true, false} - same, starred articles
  • unread:{true, false} - self explanatory (requires trunk as of 05.03.2015)
  • note:{true, false, sometext} - same, for articles having an attached note or matching the specified text
  • title:, author: - self-explanatory

Pointless as it may be, you can combine the negative prefix with the special keywords: -star:true would essentially mean star:false.

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