Pre-sale questions

Payments, billing, memberships, etc

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Video tutorials

If you are new, start here

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General questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Content Discovery

Feeds Box

Place where all your feeds are stored

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Instagram Feeds

Self-updating feeds with recent Instagram posts

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Personal feeds

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Shopify feeds

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Telegram feeds

Self-updating content feeds with recent Telegram channel posts

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Twitter feeds

Self-updating feeds with recent tweets

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Public feeds search

Directory of over 500k public feeds

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Content feeds

Google News , Bing Search, Pinterest, Vimeo, iTunes & Images feeds

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Affiliate feeds

Amazon, eBay, Clickbank & CJ Affiliate feeds

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Facebook feeds

RSS feeds of Facebook pages

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YouTube feeds

RSS of YT search results, channels & users

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Convert any datafeed (product feed) to RSS

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Content Distribution

Posting Campaigns

Your publishing control center

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Social networks posting

Posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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Blogs posting

Posting to WordPress & Blogger

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Feeds Reader

Content curation at its best

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Content widgets

Display content anywhere

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