Reading posting campaign (posting project) log

Each posting campaign (posting project) has its log. Using log you can control your posting activities: recent posts, posting failures, posting campaign updates.

To view posting campaign log you need to go to My Account > Posting Campaigns

Find needed campaign within a tab with a specific posting destination and press Log icon.

You can see a chronological list of all events starting from the most recent. Each event has its time stamp and description.

Note: only the last 50 events will be shown in the campaign's log.

Each log event has its background color so you could easily understand the nature and the quality of each event.

Each status event will have a blue color. This happens every time you create, pause or restart your posting campaign.
Each successful post will be colored in green. In the description, you will see post destination and also a direct link to your post.
Yellow color shows when your posting campaign was not able to make a post because there was no content matching your campaign settings. Posting campaign skips a turn and will run next time according to automation setting.
Red color means a serious problem. It appears when there is a problem concerning your blog or social network account.

If you have problems with reading posting campaign log or don't know why your campaign behave the way it does, please contact our support team. Tell which RSS poster you use, what is posting campaign name and describe the problem.

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