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RSS to Google Plus Poster

In order to be able to use RSS to Google Plus Poster you need to sign up to Premium RSS Ground membership plan. If you already have RSS Ground account click RSS to Google Plus icon to go to tool.

How to create Google Plus brand page.

To create new Google+ brand page you need to login to your Google account and go to Create Google Brand Page portal.

Name your page, specify URL to your main brand website or blog (if you have one), choose a type of your brand Create page.

Your Google+ brand page will be instantly created. And the first thing you need to learn about your new page is page ID.

Read more about Google Plus brand pages.

How to unlock Google Plus account to make remote posts.

Before creating your RSS to Google Plus posting project we ask you to make sure you get your Google Plus pages ready for remote posting. You need to:

Disable 2-step verification in your Google account

If your Google account has 2-step verification we will not be able to connect to it automatically. It will always ask confirmation. Watch this short video on how to disable 2-step verification:

You need to go to Google My Business -> Brand pages -> choose your page -> Manage page -> Edit -> Settings -> Manage your Brand account ->VIEW GENERAL ACCOUNT INFO. Go to Sign-in & Security. Make sure in Signing in to Google section 2-step verification if off.

Add an administrator to your Google plus page.

2-step verification is a security factor and disabling verification is always a concern, especially if you manage Google Plus brand pages under your prior Google account. To avoid this security issue we recommend using subsidiary Google accounts to manage your Google Plus pages. You can easily add administrators to your page from other Google accounts. Watch this short video.

To set permissions for other Google accounts to manage your Google pages you need to go to Google My Business -> Brand pages -> choose your page -> Manage page -> Edit -> Settings -> Manage your Brand account -> Account. Press 'Manage Permissions' and then Invite New Users (upper right corner).

Unlock your Google plus page for remote posting.

When you are ready to create your Google Plus posting project you need to login to Google account under which you manage your Google Plus page. Then in RSS to Google Plus posting project editor press ALLOW ACCESS. A new window will open and you will be prompted to allow access to your Google account. You need to press Continue. This will allow RSS to Google Plus poster to remotely make posts to your Google Plus page.

How to set automatic updates of Google Plus brand page.

RSS to Google Plus poster can work with any number of your Google Plus pages. To update each Google Page you need to create a separate posting project. To create a new posting project you go to Tools -> Automated posters -> RSS to Google Plus Poster.

Google Plus page details.

In posting project editor you add your list of RSS feeds which will be your content source. Press ADD RSS FEEDS button.

Note: We recommend using not more than 10 RSS feeds at a time.

You will be able to add or remove RSS feeds at any time. Just make sure you use quality RSS feeds with targeted content.

Now you need to allow RSS to Google Plus poster to remotely make posts to your Google Plus page. We talked about this setting in the previous chapter. Enter email and password of Google account which can manage your Google Plus page and press ALLOW ACCESS.

And finally you need to specify your Google Plus brand page ID. We already talked about page IDs earlier.

Press NEXT to go to posting project detailed settings.

Posting settings.

In Settings tab you name your posting project and make some other posting settings.

When you name your project try to be specific, for example mention final destination or content source. This will help you easily identify your posting project among others.

Before any content is posted you can filter it using keywords. You may use several keywords separated with commas.

Include keywords - only RSS content which contains at least one of specified keywords will be used for posting.

Exclude keywords - RSS content which includes at least one of the specified keywords will be exclude from posting. 

It advised to use this option only if your RSS feeds are not specific enough. For example you have several news RSS feeds but wish to post content only on a specific topic or wish to skip posting content on a given topic. If you feeds are rather targeted use this option carefully, or you can exclude quality content.

Also you can filter content depending on its freshness.

Post items. Before your posting project makes new posts it checks all RSS feeds used in this project for recent updates. Using this option you set the order in which RSS content should be used for posting.

If you wish to post only fresh content you set "Only new". If no new content was added to RSS feeds yet no posts will be made. Posting project will check your RSS feeds again before the next run.

If you wish to use not only recently added content for posting but also all other content from your RSS feeds you set "From newest to oldest" option. Your posting project will check RSS feeds for recent updates and use recently added content as the priority content for posting. If no fresh content was added to RSS feeds it will use other not yet published content.

If there is no matter for you what content to post set "Randomly" and a random set of content will be used for posting.

If you wish to gradually repost all content from your RSS feeds chronologically you need to  set "From oldest to newest".

Note: no matter how you "Post items" - duplicate content will never be used for posting.

Number of items to post – here you set how many posts you wish to make at a time. Each RSS item will be used as a separate post. If you wish make the exact number of posts each time set for example 2-2 to make 2 posts. If you wish to make a random number posts (set 1-3 to randomly make from 1 to 3 posts at a time).

Now you are ready to set project Automation. Press NEXT.

Posting project automation.

Automation - is a automatic schedule for your project which sets how often posts can be made.

Set when would you like to start your project - Start project at option. Choose time and date for the delayed start

If you wish to start your project as soon as possible, pay attention to Current server time. This will give you an idea what start time to set since will always depend on our server time.

If you wish to run your project for a limited time, for example only during Christmas holidays, you can use Stop project at option. You set it the same way as 'Start project at'

Repeat project - this is actually the most important setting of posting project automation. Here you set how often you wish to make posts.

We recommend using this option depending on the quality of your RSS feeds. If your content provider usually updates its feeds often you may set a minimum time interval to repeat project run. But it would be wise to use this option to simulate human behavior to avoid red flags from search engines. Making posts very hour 24/7 may look suspicious. So consider using bigger time intervals.

Note: all posts will be made with random time stamps to avoid footprints. Even if you set to make posts every hour they will be made every hour +/- 15 minutes.

When you are done with all your settings press SAVE PROJECT.

You will be offered to create a new posting project or go to My Saves to the list of all created posting projects.

How to manage Google Plus posting projects.

You can see a list of all your posting projects in My Account -> My Saves -> My Posting projects menu. All posting projects are grouped by RSS Poster to which they relate. Choose a needed tab and see your projects.

You can identify your project by its name or date when it was created. That's why a specific project name is important. And if you have several similar projects a creation time may be a help.

Pay attention to Options column. 

  Press Edit icon to go to project editor.
  Use this option to add or replace RSS feeds, update project automation or change other settings.

   Stop or Start your project manually.
   No need to go to project editor.

  Use Delete icon if you don't need your project any more.
  Be careful, deleted projects can not be restored.

   Project log option will show you recent activities of your posting project.
   Learn how to read project log

Where to get targeted content for Google Plus brand pages.

In your posting projects you can use RSS or Atom feeds either from our RSS Feeds Generators or from any other content providers. The only condition here - your feeds have to be valid.

You can use the official RSS and Atom feeds validator to make sure feeds are good.

Our RSS Feeds Generators will create RSS feeds with targeted news, articles, videos, images, product listings. RSS feeds are self-updated and always display only the most actual content.

When you use any RSS Feeds Generator you will see option Generate & send to.

This option will help you automatically create a new posting project in any of our RSS Posters. Just choose a needed destination from the drop-down menu.

All generate feeds will be automatically added to your new posting project. BUT they will also be automatically saved in My Account -> My Saves - > My RSS Feeds.

You can check-mark any feeds from My Saves and again create a new posting project using Send selected to option.

If you want to add RSS feeds to already created project you need to go to project editor and use ADD RSS FEEDS option.

Don't forget to save your posting project whenever you add or remove RSS feeds.

If you are not a members of RSS Ground service yet, please sign up to one of our membership plans.

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