How to authenticate or unlock Google account for posting to Google pages?

The first thing we would like to recommend you before using RSS to Google Plus poster is: Do not use your main Google account

You need to create another Google accounts and provide them with administrator rights. To set administrators for your Google pages you need to go to Google My Business - > Brand pages -> choose your page - > Manage page -> Edit - > Settings - > Manage your Brand account -> Account. Press Manage Permissions and then Invite New Users (upper right corner).

Also before using RSS to Google Plus Poster, please make sure you don't have 2-step verification enabled in your Google account since it will not allow remote posting to your Google pages. In Manage your Brand account -> VIEW GENERAL ACCOUNT INFO go to Sign-in & Security. Make sure in Signing in to Google section 2-step verification if off.

OK, now we need to make sure we allow RSS Ground to have access to your Google pages. We will use Allow access option from Google.

When you create your RSS to Google Plus posting project you need to be logged in to Google account which is authorized to manage your Google page.

Make sure you are logged out from any other Google account. 

Every time you create a new project you need to press [Allow access] button in project editor before you save your posting project. You will be redirected to a new tab with Google instructions where you need to press [Continue]. This will allow a connection to your Google page from your RSS Ground account.

You need to follow the same procedure when saving your posting project and still receiving a message: Your Google+ account has been locked for posting.

In some cases Google my send you a message about suspicious activity and even ask you to change your password. You need to follow Google instructions and confirm that it was you who was trying to login or change your password if needed. Then come back to your project settings change password (if you changed it in your Google account) and press [Allow access] button. Now you can set and save your project.

Once again, please make sure you follow "allow access" procedure before saving you posting project, not after that.

If you still have any problems with setting RSS to Google Plus poster, please contact our support team.

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