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Bellow is an additional description of some features and options, which were included in the poll.

Get email alerts when feeds are updated

Every time your private feeds get updates we will send an alert to your email.

Get email notifications from posting campaigns

Event-based or a summarized daily notification of a running posting campaign. It will show you the information from your posting campaign log and alert you if your campaign failed to make a post.

Advanced posting schedule for posting campaigns - DONE

You will be able to manually set a posting schedule for each day of the week: include or exclude a certain day, don't make posts on a specific period of time, etc.

Advanced statistics and analytics for posting campaigns

Separate or aggregate statistics across your posting campaigns, content widgets, and private feeds. You will see a number of posts made, impressions, clicks, and other detailed statistics.

Posts recycle - DONE

Will allow your posting campaign to post not only unique content, but also reuse already posted items. It is very useful for affiliate product feeds posting.

Advanced hashtags / tags functionality for automated posters - DONE

You will be able to specify a list of hashtags or tags for each posting campaign, and with each run, it will take a random set and add it to your post.

If feeds have partial content, scrape full content from the source

When a feed's items contain only a short excerpt of content, our parser will follow the item link, scrape the full available content from the original source and add it to the feed or to the post.

Improved content widget tool

User interface and options update for our Content Widget tool: default content widgets layouts, vertical or horizontal autoscrolling, content filters, etc.

Personal feeds tool - DONE

Combine your own content feeds from items from other feeds or manually composed items. Edit the title, text, or link of your personal feed items.

Edit already generated private feeds - DONE

You won't need to generate a new private feed over again in case you wish to change content filters or other settings, simply edit an already existing private feed.

Save profiles for blogs and all social accounts

Predefine all your social network profiles and blogs in default settings and simply choose a needed one from the list when you create a posting campaign.

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