How to start sharing content to blogs and social media (autoposting)?

If you can't watch the above video tutorial, please read the text version below

To automate content sharing to your blogs and social media accounts using RSS Ground, you create posting campaigns.

To set up a posting campaign you need to select content feeds first.

You can use content feeds saved in your Feeds Box:

or get new content feeds using public feeds search or one of private feeds generators:

When you select feeds in Feeds Box, search or generate new feeds, you need to specify your blogging platform or social media for a posting campaign. Press GENERATE or WITH SELECTED button and choose Setup Posting Campaign option:

Your specified content feeds will be added to the new posting campaign.

You can use up to 10 content feeds in one posting campaigns. If you wish to post content from more feeds to the same blog or social media page you have to create another posting campaign. 

When you set up or edit your posting campaign you can add, replace or delete content feeds for this posting campaign.

Let's see how to set up a posting campaign with the example of Facebook poster.

First you need to authenticate your Facebook account. Same way you authenticate other social network accounts and blogs in other posting campaigns. 

Press AUTHENTICATE button.

As soon as your account is authenticated you will see all your Facebook pages and groups.

Choose where you want to make your posts to and click NEXT button.

You will get to the Settings tab where you can play with campaign settings.

Note: number of setting option will differ depending on your posting destination. You can learn more about setting options in our user guides. Or you can use tool-tips, which will explain what this option is used for. All settings are optional.

Make needed settings and press NEXT.

Now you need to set up posting campaign automation.

Choose posting interval - how often you wish to make posts.

Note: we recommend using posting intervals which closely simulate human behavior to avoid bans and penalties. Every 3 or 6 hours should be often enough.

If you wish to run your posting campaign within a specific period of time you can set a delayed start and scheduled stop time using Set start/stop date and time options.

When you are done with automation press SAVE CAMPAIGN button.

Your posting campaign will start right away or at a designated time and will keep running on complete autopilot.

You will see fresh posts in your Facebook pages. If no new posts appear at a designated time, most likely, no fresh content was found in your feeds, and your campaign skips a turn, waiting for relevant content to appear.

You can always access your existing posting campaigns from MY ACCOUNT page. Click on Posting Campaigns link to see all campaigns.

To learn how to manage your created posting campaigns, please see our another tutorial:


Should you have any questions, please refer to our comprehensive Knowledgebase.

Or you can search for support materials or contact our support team using help beacon, which is located in the lower right corner of each service page.

Well, hope this was useful and informative.

Now you can easily supercharge your posting and sharing activities. Enjoy and have fun!

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