What is the difference between public and private content feed in RSS Ground?

RSS Ground uses content feeds to deliver fresh and quality content from providers.

Content feed is a conveniently structured self-updating file with fresh targeted information from a particular content provider. Read more about content feeds

In RSS Ground, we have two types of content feeds: public feeds and private feeds.

Public content feeds - original content feeds from various content providers with common access on the Internet.

You can search for public feeds using the Public Feeds Search.

Private content feeds - unique content feeds based on your search keywords, content filters, and content sorting.

Private feeds are unique and served exclusively by RSS Ground. You won't find analogs of such feeds anywhere else on the Internet.

Content feeds converted from Datafeeds will also be considered private. As well as your Personal feeds

All your generated private and searched public feeds are saved in your Feeds Box.

You can filter public and private content feeds. Use the filter by types option in Feeds Box.

Depending on your membership plan you have a limit on the number of public and private feeds saved to your Feeds Box.

Read about membership limits

If you hit the limit you won't be able to search for more public content feeds or generate more private content feeds. To proceed, you need to delete unnecessary content feeds from your Feeds Box. But be careful with deleting your content feeds. If you use them in posting campaigns or content widgets they will be deleted from there as well.

To increase your limits you need to upgrade to a higher membership level.

Please be aware, that if you cancel or downgrade your membership your private feeds will stop working and will be resumed only if you sign up back.

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