How to obtain Shopify keys

To connect your Shopify store and your RSS Ground account you need to create a private Shopify app.

Learn more about Shopify private apps

Log in to your Shopify store.

In the left sidebar of the admin area find the " Apps" section.

To create or edit your private Shopify apps click the " Manage private apps" link.

If you already have a private app, click on the app's name to get the keys.

If you don't have any private apps yet, you need to create one. Press " Create a new private app" button in the upper right corner.

Name your app and enter your email address. Then press Save.

You will see a section with API key and Password. You will need these credentials in RSS Ground in the Shopify Feeds generator. You can save them using Default settings in your RSS Ground account.

Now you need to grant our app needed permissions. 

Click "Show inactive Admin API permissions" to see the whole list of permissions. Grant "Read access" to the following permissions:

  • Store content;
  • Products;
  • Product listings;

That's it. Press  Save.

Now go Shopify Feeds generator. Press "Authenticate" and enter your Shopify store domain name (without https://), then paste API key and Password.

And don't forget, you can use the " Default settings" option to save your keys, to automatically enter them every time you wish to generate a new Shopify feed:

Learn more about RSS Ground default settings

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