How to manage content feeds in Feeds Box?

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  1. Overview
  2. Searching feeds in Feeds Box
  3. Filtering feeds in Feeds Box
  4. Preview feeds
  5. Edit feeds
  6. Delete feeds
  7. Add feeds to campaign, widget, Reader
  8. Add more feeds to Feeds Box
  9. Feeds Box limits

Feeds Box - is a collection of all content feeds ever searched or generated in RSS Ground.

When you generate new private content feeds or search for public content feeds you can simply save them to your Feeds Box.

But even if you choose to add your feeds to a posting campaign, content widget or send them to Feeds Reader, they will still be automatically saved to your Feeds Box.

Find Feeds Box link in MY ACCOUNT section:

or in the main menu:

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In Feeds Box all content feeds are saved chronologically, starting from the latest.

You can search your content feeds using keywords (long or 3-letter words, partial words, key phrases). Content feeds will be searched by title, description, URL, tags and content source.

To see full information about a content feed you need to expand feeds record.

Each feed has a title, description, related tags, and source URL. Public feeds will also have additional information about how often this feed is updated, does it have a full-text description, what language this feed is in and what type of content does it contain.

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Filtering feeds in Feeds Box

You can use filters to find a group of related feeds:

  • By types - filter private or public feeds.
  • By sources - filter Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook feeds etc.
  • By status - filter active or inactive feeds. Read more about feed statuses.

Press Filter feeds to use one or several filters.

Note: we will automatically save your last filters and you won't need to set them over again

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Actions with feeds.

In Feeds Box you can Preview, Edit, Delete feeds, or add them to posting campaign, content widget or Feeds Reader.

Preview feeds

In Preview you can choose one of the display modes: titles only, magazine, full view:

  • Titles only view - shows only titles of all feed's articles (items). 
  • Magazine view - shows a digest (image and short description) of all feeds articles (items).
  • Full view - shows all available information on each article (items).

In Preview, each feed's item also contains links to its original home page and to its content source.

Note: if you are using Chrome browser, please do not use such extensions as AdGuard and AdBlocker, as they conflict with Preview pop-ups. You won't be able to view videos in feeds' previews. There are plenty of other ad blockers that don't break your browser.
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Edit feeds

If you wish to change content filters or make other settings in your content feed you can edit it.

Note: only private content feeds, generated in RSS Ground, can be edited.

When you click the "Edit" icon you go to feed editor. There you change basic or advanced feed's settings. Then you save the feed to Feeds Box or add it to a posting campaign, content widget or Feeds Reader.

If you already have the feed in your posting campaign, content widget or Feeds Reader, you don't have to replace it, it will be updated automatically. If you wish to keep your former feed and its content intent, you need to generate a new feed, but don't edit it.

Also, in Feeds Box, you can edit feed's title or add additional tags to your feeds. This option will help you to search or sort your content feeds. Simply point and click title or tag, make changes and press "Enter" or click outside the editing field. 

Note: feed's title and tags will always stay the same until you change them, even when you edit your feed.
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Delete feeds

You can delete your feeds from Feeds Box one by one or in bulk.

Note: don't delete content feeds from Feeds Box if you're still using them in Feeds Reader, in any posting campaign or in any content widget. Otherwise, these feeds will be removed from there, too.

To remove a group of content feeds, select the needed feeds, and then press WITH SELECTED button.

Add feeds to a posting campaign, content widget or Feeds Reader

From Feeds Box you can add your content feeds to existing posting campaigns or content widgets, or create new posting campaigns or content widgets. You can also send your content feeds to any category of your Feeds Reader. Select content feeds and then press WITH SELECTED button. Now choose an action you need. 

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Saving more feeds to Feeds Box

To add more content feeds to your Feeds Box press ADD NEW FEEDS button. Choose what type of feed you wish to search or generate. Or, you can use the "Import feeds" option to add your own content feeds.

Watch a separate video on how to get new content feeds in RSS Ground.

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Feeds Box limits

Each membership level has limits on the number of public and private content feeds saved in Feeds Box.

Pay attention to a limits indicator to find out how many feeds you already have and how close you are to your limit.

You won't be able to create and add more feeds to your Feeds Box as soon as you hit the limit.

To be able to create and save more content feeds you need either to upgrade your membership plan or to delete unnecessary (exessive) content feeds from your Feeds Box.

But, again, be careful deleting feeds from Feeds Box. Don't delete content feeds if you're still using them in Feeds Reader, in any posting campaign or in any content widget. Otherwise, these feeds will be removed from there, too.

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